Thursday, November 01, 2007

Turkey Boxes

When we were little kids our family had a turkey box we'd break out at Thanksgiving time. It was a shoe box that was decorated with a paper turkey, and had a slit in the top where we could put lists of things we were thankful for. Then when we'd drive to Mama and Papa's house for Thanksgiving we'd get out the box and read everyone's lists to remind us of what we are grateful for.

So in lieu of making a turkey box (although I saw a really cute pattern for one in the picture here) I thought I'd create an online "turkey box" where I could record daily things that I am grateful for. I'm hoping that it will help me to have a more grateful attitude this month. Please feel free to comment with some of the things you are grateful for as well - let's all have a "Gratitude Attitude" this month!

Things I am grateful for today (and these are in no particular order of importance - just random things I'm grateful for):

  1. the internet - to keep us connected
  2. fun mail (you know - the kind that isn't bills?)
  3. calming music
  4. ice cubes
  5. microwave ovens
  6. baby swings
  7. washer and dryer
  8. cameras
  9. computers
  10. pest control guys - especially during "mice" season!

Check back often, I hope to list things each day this month.


Carpers said...

I've started a new journal that is just things I am thankful for. I read the idea in the church news - I can't remember if it was from a conference talk or a fireside... But the idea is to keep a record of the small things that we are thankful for that we often take for granted or forget to be thankful for.

then when we are feeling neglected or sad, we can go back and read all the wonderful things the Lord has done for us.

Today, I'm thankful for
1. Thursday night football
2. headbands
3. a patient and loving husband who understands my bad hair decade (it morphed from a bad hair day to a bad hair year, to a bad hair decade, but i'm not really thankful for the bad hair).
4. No SNOW YET!!
5. sleep machines
6. loveable and funny cat and dog
7. an extended family who loves the Lord and lives the gospel
8. leftover trick or treat candy
9. computers
10.Justin and Alicia working so hard to stop the wind from coming in my house. YAY!!!
Love, Aunt Charlotte

Tiffany B said...

I love the turkey box idea. I think I will actually take some time this weekend to build one and then present it at FHE so my kids will get excited about it. I hope you don't mind, but I'll likely put the link you posted on my blog too. It is just too cute. Thanks for the idea. I enjoyed reading about your halloween too. I can't say that it is my fav holiday either and I am a bit glad that it is over... now what to do with all that candy!