Saturday, November 10, 2007

a break in our gratitude posts...

I'm taking a break today from my gratitude post to post a few things about Gabe. I think it's pretty appropriate since one of the things I'm very most thankful for is being a mom to these 2 silly boys. So here are a few things that Gabe says/does that make me smile (and sometimes makes me just a tiny big crazy):
  • "Mom" - there are days and times when I just don't want to be 'mom' for a minute, but for the most part it makes me melt when I hear him say my mom. I especially love it when it's "Mommy - I love you" Can't think of anything that makes me smile more.
  • "I love it!" - or "I like it". He always says this at the funniest times. And a lot of the time it's like he's trying to convince me that he likes something.
  • "Juice, chock-it milk, snacks!" This is how Gabe greets me each morning - not good morning, I love you, or anything else - the kid gets down to business. He wants to have a glass of juice, chocolate milk and a cup of fruit snacks while he watches a 'show' or 'movie' in my bed.
  • Last night Gabe was doing his usual stalling after getting put to bed. He kept calling Cory or I into his room for one reason or another. The last time I went in he wanted a drink of water and a kiss. He said, "Mom - just one kiss - puh-lease?" It was hard to resist. Right after I gave him his kiss he said loudly and really excitedly, "DUCK!" I busted up laughing as I didn't quite know what he meant. He's funny. (and apparently all he needed was to get that "DUCK" out of the way because he went right to bed!)
  • "No - mom sing songs" - Gabe wants ME to sing to him at night. We used to sing 1 song, now I think we're up to singing the entire Primary songbook. He has to have me sing "God" (I am a Child of God), "Beam" (Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam), "Apple" (don't ask why, but that's what he calls Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star), and now "Prayer" (A Child's Prayer - which I made the mistake of telling him was my favorite Primary song, and now we can't get away without singing it every night), "Mom" (Love is Spoken Here), and "Home" (Love at Home). It makes me laugh the way he requests his songs. I've told him, "I'm only singing one tonight - which ONE do you want?" His answer is, "God, Beam, Apple!" (like it's all one song). I have a hard time most nights denying him - I kind of like singing Primary songs.
  • In addition to all the songs we sing at night he also loves to have his back rubbed. The other night he said, "Mom, I need tickles" - he likes me to tickle his sides softly when I rub his back. I wish I could find someone who would sing me songs and tickle my back.......
  • "Hunter waking!" - Gabe has been blessed with super-human hearing. I can be cooking dinner, making noise in the kitchen, listening to music and he'll yell, "Mom - Hunter waking!" Sure enough - after I pause everything in my life I'll hear Hunter's little cry across the other side of the house. But Gabe is always right - he can always hear the first little squeal.
  • He loves "going to town" - he thinks it means he's going to get a toy at Walmart and go out to eat at "Donalds or Wenny's". Spoiled little kiddo! He also loves going to the "bread store" (Great Harvest Bread), the "balloon and sticker store" - Roberts Craft, and Lins grocery store. Right now, as I type this he wants to go get a "copter toy in town" (a helicopter toy).
  • "Mommy's Pepper?" When I stop and get a Diet Dr Pepper he always calls it "Mommy's pepper" - and he is so cute when he asks for some. He'll say, "Mommy - one sip?" (and bats his eyelashes). He knows how to work it.
  • "I sorry mommy". We've been working on time outs when he does things he knows he shouldn't be doing. He is actually getting better at it, and always tells me he's sorry afterwards. And he uses the saddest little voice to apologize - it's sweet.
  • This week while I was making dinner he started talking about stickers and books. I looked in the other room and he had a bunch of books I had bought him for Christmas surrounding him. The little stinker had found my Christmas present hiding spot and found his presents! Luckily I only had a few books for him - but sheez! Isn't he a bit young? And then he had helped me pick out some presents for cousins and when he was talking to his cousin Alison on the phone this week he told her all about the pink dress and pink pony he bought for her at walmart. Luckily he confused her, so she didn't know what he was talking about (she kept telling him, "No, I'm wearing a BLUE dress!") - but I have to be careful telling him who we're buying things for now because I think he'll spoil it for everyone.
  • Daddy - Gabe LOVES Cory! He is so much better behaved when Cory gets home for the night. He hears Cory's truck from like a mile away (partially due to his super-human hearing, and partially because Cory's truck is SOOOOO loud!) and announces that "Daddy's home!" Sometimes I have to tell him, "No, I don't think so" - but sure enough, a few minutes later in walks Cory. I hope Gabe can keep up with this good hearing. I know he doesn't get it from his dad!
  • The other day we were going on a walk and saw some dogs. I said, "You have dogs at home Gabe - what are their names?" He said, "Sadie dog!" I said, "Yes - and what is your other dogs name?" His answer - "Brown dog!" He insisted that Daisy's name is "Brown Dog". Do you think it's wrong to change your dogs name after 7 years?
  • I have a friend named Lynette Stone. Instead of calling her Lynette (which he does occasionaly) or Sister Stone - he calls her "STONE". And he's fascinated with her. He wants to go to "Stone's house" several times a week and when we get there he always says, "Hey Stone".
  • Another one of our friends has 4 cute little girls from 7-9 months. Their oldest - Mariah is 7 and is smitten with Gabe. She said to me a few weeks ago, "Wouldn't it be funny if I married Gabe?" This week I asked Gabe what he thought about "Riah" and he said, "Riah's PRETTY" - which I thought was funny - I don't know if we've ever taught him about what pretty even means. So Gabe's got the older girls after him.
  • A while back I told Gabe he needed to learn one phrase to say to me every day, and I'd be happy. I said, "Gabe - can you say, 'Mom - you're BEAUTIFUL"? He looked at me so seriously and grabbed both of my cheeks and said, "Mommy - you're a BEATLE!"....I would rather be a beatle than beautiful anyday!
  • The other day I told Gabe I wanted to tell him a secret. He came over and I whispered, "Gabe - I love you!" The he looked at me and said, "Mommy - and you love chocolate". :) Well yes - but I didn't think that was a secret.
  • There are so many other moments that make me smile. I am working on focusing on those moments more than the frustrating moments (which sometimes far-outweigh the good ones)

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