Thursday, November 15, 2007


  1. sleeping babies - ahhh....both of them are taking naps!
  2. my candle warmer
  3. Crocs - I especially love my new "Alice" Crocs!
  4. The UPS man - especially when he's bringing me packages from The Gap! (super cute Christmas jammies for the boys, and Cory and I. And some fun Valentine's Day jammies too! Hunter's say I love mom, and Gabe's are I love dad)
  5. the fact that Cory's home after being away for 3 days. He went to Mexico for some 'work' (they toured a factory of one of our manufactures) - and then he and his buddies (The Blind Guy Franchise Board) watched the start of the Baja 1000 race (? - I think that's what it's called - it's a big car/truck/motorcycle race). I missed having him home and I'm grateful for all he does when he's here!
  6. I'm grateful that I survived the 3 days without Cory! I didn't cry the whole time, didn't have to lock myself in my closet - I did it! (It must sound pathetic for those who are reading this who have more kids than my 2, or who have a husband who travels alot - I am just a wimp - I'll admit it!)
  7. Good health care. I just finished filling out a survey about my pregnancy with Hunter for the Utah Department of Health. I'm so grateful that we have a health care system that can take care of us! I know there are a lot of reasons people complain, but for the most part I feel blessed and grateful for what we do have.
  8. I'm grateful for the new cabinets in my laundry room - I will love them even more when the doors get put on, but for now it's pretty awesome! I love that for the first time in - I don't know how long - there is nothing stacked up on my washer or dryer! YAY!
  9. My dishwasher - such a simple thing, but I'm grateful I don't always have to wash the dishes - now if I could just find someone to always put them away....
  10. "Good Things Utah" tv show - I LOVE this show! Lots of fun ideas, great recipes, fun contests - I watch it almost every day (and record it on other days).

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