Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

Last night was the 1st part of the Finale of the tv show Dancing with the Stars. I told Gabe that after dinner we'd watch some of it before bed. I said, "Gabe - who do you want to win Dancing with the Stars tonight?"

He said very confidently, "YOU and ME!"

I laughed. Then he said, "And we'll cha-cha-cha!"

I had to laugh that my little boy #1 knew what the cha-cha was and #2 thought that I could actually have a chance at winning anything involving physical coordination. Oh he will learn!

He's also been heard saying, "Mom, I want to dance with the stars!"

I haven't enjoyed this show until this season - haven't even watched it at all. But this season I'vce had fun watching it - and so has Gabe. I guess it's just the fact that Marie Osmond is in the final 3, and I think that's exciting. I also have really enjoyed watching Helio and Julianne - I think she's an amazing dancer! We'll see what happens tonight I guess.

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Carpers said...

I never watched or paid any attention either, but I check every week to make sure Marie is still in there. Unfortunately, it is on Monday nights when Brian is home, so I don't get to watch the dancing parts. I really wanted to watch how Marie did.

Your mom will remember that anytime the Osmonds were on Andy Griffith, we got to stay up to watch them. It's just what we do.

I'm glad Gabe knows what the cha cha is, It is one of my favorite dances.
Love, Aunt Charlotte