Sunday, January 31, 2010

Digi Scrapping Pages

The boys were lucky enough to spend a few days up at their Grandma & Grandpa Ellis this week. They had a great time and I enjoyed some time scrapping while they were gone. Here's some of my pages - I included the credits for the layouts in the comments of this post.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Keep going - you can do it!

"That which we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly,"
(---Thomas Paine)

If something is hard to do - a lot of times it's because it's worth it. Things that come too easy often times don't end up meaning as much to us over time. So if it's tough - keep at it - you can do it!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NEW Kits by The Ettes

The Ettes have done it again - they've just realeased 2 AWESOME digi scrapping kits. Heart Throb & Love Shack. You can also get a discount by buying BOTH kits - so check that out! Oh - and don't forget to check out the AWESOME valentine cards and coupon book they have offered too. ADOREABLE stuff!!!

Here are a couple of layouts I did with them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I took the boys to the small local library to pick up some new books. We had only been there for a couple minutes (not even enough time to pick out new books) and Hunter climbed up on a little table and chairs they have for kids (books, puzzles, toys, etc). He slipped, bumped his face and then there was blood. Lots of blood. Poor little guy had fallen, bit his lip and also hit the gum on the top of his mouth - which also bled and gave him a bruise. The poor little guy had a fat lip almost instantly. I felt so sad for the little guy when he kept wimpering, "Owie Mommy - my wip hoots".

When we got home I got worried when I noticed the bruise on his gums - but the teeth involved weren't loose and the bruise cleared up 2 days later. It's sure hard to see our kids hurt though - isn't it? When it's these "flesh wounds" right now it's tough - it makes me nervous for the coming years as I know there will be all kind of bumps, bruises, gashes, etc - both emotional and physical. I hope that Mommy's kisses will always be able to take away at least some of the sting.

Coloring Kids

Gabe is a VERY vocal child. He's constantly talking, he's always saying things that make us laugh and has had the vocabulary of an adult since he was about 2 1/2. He's such a smarty pants! But there have been times when I worry about his writing and coloring. He doesn't enjoy it and he would rather do many things other than writing or coloring. But just lately he's really improved his coloring and works harder on his projects than he has in the past. The other day he and Hunter worked for a big part of the afternoon coloring Lego pictures. There was marker everywhere (including in my carpet! Luckily it came out with carpet cleaner) - but they enjoyed it. They ended up coloring their projects to give to some friends and they were so excited to take them to them. I was almost sad to give Gabe's away - it was some of his best coloring. So I had to take some pictures to remember his vibrant colored picture.

I sure love seeing them do things well and being proud of their creations - makes me so happy.


I've been having a great time scrapping lately. I don't know if I say it enough - but I'm so grateful for hobbies and creative outlets! So grateful that I get to spend some of my time creating memories with my family and that I get to then go on and preserve those memories in scrapbook pages.

Products by Libby Weifenbach, Connie Prince, Bella Gypsy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sledding Fun!

We have had a few snow storms skip right over us this week and then 2 nights when we got a bit. Today was such a gorgeous day that we didn't want to pass up on enjoying some of the fresh powder. I wanted to go to the Jr. High hills, and Cory wanted to take the ranger around our neighborhood and pull the kids behind it. I thought his idea didn't even sound fun and so I threw a little fit (because that's what I do every Saturday - it's tradition) and went anyway. He said to the boys, "Don't you want to do something I used to do as a kid? This is what we did for fun and I want to take you to see how fun it is." I rolled my eyes and figured we'd end up 10 minutes later hopping in the car and going into town to try the hill I wanted....Well 3 hours later and we were still pulling the kids behind the ranger. I had a great time even sledding myself - so much so that I had Cory go pick up our friends the Wrays to go with us. The empty roads out past our house were the perfect place to enjoy it. Hunter even got worn out enough to fall asleep. We all had a great time - thanks Cory!

(I'm having issues with blogger right now. When I figure them out I'll post the pictures....)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Innocence

I have to admit we haven't said much to our kids about the situation in Haiti. I didn't want to scare Gabe about the earthquakes, or make him worry about the hurt people. I wanted to shelter him from some of the pain of the earth.

But tonight 2 sweet neighbor kids came to our door. They were selling flower hair clips or bead/leather bracelets to help earn money for the children in Haiti. I had the boys each pick out a simple little bracelet. We gave the kids neighbor kids several dollars and sent them on their way.

Afterwards I decided to explain a *little bit* about what we'd just bought. I told Gabe that there had been an earthquake and that there were little kids who were hurt, or whose parents had died in the earthquake. I told him we needed to remember the families in our prayers. I said, "Sweetheart, maybe those dollars we used to buy those bracelets will be used to buy food or clean water or other things those kids need."

He looked at me with the innocence of a child and asked, "Or buy them a new mom?"

My. Heart. Broke.

Then later tonight in his sweet prayers he said, "And thank you that I am a part of my family. Please bless those kids who are in Haiti to get what they need. And help them to find families who love them."

So I add my prayer to Gabe's and the millions around the world - please bless those heartbreaking children, families, and others affected by the recent natural disasters.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I *heart* my boys!

There are a lot of days when the volume in our house is at an all-time high. There are times when the noise makes me want to hide in my closet, and often the crazy wrestling, fighting, and "being boys" makes me think I'm actually living in the looney bin. (Do any of you moms know what I'm talking about?)

But then there are the moments when the boys yell at me that they love me, or the times they tackle me to give me a hug. Those moments make it worth it.

The other day the boys had been fighting all morning long. They were at each others throats, fighting over toys, hitting each other, screaming - it was ugly. One of those days when I wanted to hide - or start over.

Then it got quiet for a minute. I started to worry a bit...

I heard Gabe say, "Hunter - come here buddy. We need to say a prayer. We need to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help us get along better and be good for mom. We need help to be good and Heavenly Father will help us if we say a prayer." Then my sweet 4 year old lead my cute 2 year old in a prayer - just the 2 of them. I was so glad I overheard the experience and I'm even more grateful that something we're teaching is sinking in.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


These are all new kits coming on Monday to Elemental Scraps by Bella Gypsy:

Wow! A bunch of layouts that I haven't posted yet. Products are by Bella Gypsy, ChrissyW, LibbyW and Crystal Willkerson.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I'm not sure if I've posted some of these on here. I have had computer issues lately and I'm totally behind on posting my creative team layouts. So here's a few. As far as credits - most of the products are from The Ettes, Bella Gypsy, Libby Weifenbach and ChrissyW....if you would like to know about specifics - let me know.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm still here

So I have this list on my Blackberry right now called "Things to blog". This list doesn't include things like events, Christmas, visits with family, funny things the kids say, scrapbook pages I've worked on - or even what my New Years Resolutions are. The list is more things that I've been thinking, deep thoughts, analogies, things I've been learning.

I enjoy writting, and wish I could add 3-4 more hours to my days and I'd sit and learn more about creative writing. I'd write essays about how the Soduko game is a lot like life, how Walt Disney has changed so many things in my life, thoughts about how I know I CAN do a lot of things - but the question is - do I WANT to put forth the effort?

It's through writing that I have discovered who I am at hard times in my lives. It's while I put that pen to paper (or fingers to keys) that it gets clearer, that life makes more sense. It's those times that the answers seem to come and my favorite part is that I seem to have always had the answers - but magically writting them down helps me to figure the answers out.

Anyway, that being said - I still wish there were more hours in the day......