Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coloring Kids

Gabe is a VERY vocal child. He's constantly talking, he's always saying things that make us laugh and has had the vocabulary of an adult since he was about 2 1/2. He's such a smarty pants! But there have been times when I worry about his writing and coloring. He doesn't enjoy it and he would rather do many things other than writing or coloring. But just lately he's really improved his coloring and works harder on his projects than he has in the past. The other day he and Hunter worked for a big part of the afternoon coloring Lego pictures. There was marker everywhere (including in my carpet! Luckily it came out with carpet cleaner) - but they enjoyed it. They ended up coloring their projects to give to some friends and they were so excited to take them to them. I was almost sad to give Gabe's away - it was some of his best coloring. So I had to take some pictures to remember his vibrant colored picture.

I sure love seeing them do things well and being proud of their creations - makes me so happy.


Mrs. Ellis said...

what a cute photo! I LOVE them in their hats and matching grins.

The Rhiens said...

Love the coloring guys! Good job! I'm waiting for you to send me a new picture to put up on the fridge. Papa and I sure love you!

Love, Nana and Papa