Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Innocence

I have to admit we haven't said much to our kids about the situation in Haiti. I didn't want to scare Gabe about the earthquakes, or make him worry about the hurt people. I wanted to shelter him from some of the pain of the earth.

But tonight 2 sweet neighbor kids came to our door. They were selling flower hair clips or bead/leather bracelets to help earn money for the children in Haiti. I had the boys each pick out a simple little bracelet. We gave the kids neighbor kids several dollars and sent them on their way.

Afterwards I decided to explain a *little bit* about what we'd just bought. I told Gabe that there had been an earthquake and that there were little kids who were hurt, or whose parents had died in the earthquake. I told him we needed to remember the families in our prayers. I said, "Sweetheart, maybe those dollars we used to buy those bracelets will be used to buy food or clean water or other things those kids need."

He looked at me with the innocence of a child and asked, "Or buy them a new mom?"

My. Heart. Broke.

Then later tonight in his sweet prayers he said, "And thank you that I am a part of my family. Please bless those kids who are in Haiti to get what they need. And help them to find families who love them."

So I add my prayer to Gabe's and the millions around the world - please bless those heartbreaking children, families, and others affected by the recent natural disasters.


Ashley Mullen said...

Ahh. No wonder we are told to become like a little child. That is so sweet!!!

Kim and Tammy said...

The sweet innocence of children! Thanks Gabe!