Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sledding Fun!

We have had a few snow storms skip right over us this week and then 2 nights when we got a bit. Today was such a gorgeous day that we didn't want to pass up on enjoying some of the fresh powder. I wanted to go to the Jr. High hills, and Cory wanted to take the ranger around our neighborhood and pull the kids behind it. I thought his idea didn't even sound fun and so I threw a little fit (because that's what I do every Saturday - it's tradition) and went anyway. He said to the boys, "Don't you want to do something I used to do as a kid? This is what we did for fun and I want to take you to see how fun it is." I rolled my eyes and figured we'd end up 10 minutes later hopping in the car and going into town to try the hill I wanted....Well 3 hours later and we were still pulling the kids behind the ranger. I had a great time even sledding myself - so much so that I had Cory go pick up our friends the Wrays to go with us. The empty roads out past our house were the perfect place to enjoy it. Hunter even got worn out enough to fall asleep. We all had a great time - thanks Cory!

(I'm having issues with blogger right now. When I figure them out I'll post the pictures....)

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Kim and Tammy said...

Thank you too, Cory, for helping me remember all the fun we had with dad pulling you kids! Never forget the time the snow was so high on sides of the driveways that as we pulled you boys behind the Toyota you flew across the drifts! The pasture was fun for 360's!