Tuesday, December 26, 2006

just to tide you over....

Just a simple picture to tide you over until I can get enough time together to sit down and post a bunch. Here's a picture of Gabe enjoying his Christmas chair that Santa brought. He's wearing his Christmas PJ's, slippers from his stocking, and one of the MANY books he got.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas day! Gabe was totally overwhelmed by all the gifts he had to open, but loves everything he was given. He loves climbing up in his chair with a sippy cup, a book and a smile.

Hope everyone's day was wonderful, and I promise, at some later date I WILL post more pictures from this month.

Monday, December 18, 2006

weekend in review

We all had a great time up North this weekend. Gabe LOVED skiing! He took 3 runs up on Grandpa Ellis's backpack and was so sad when we brought him in. When we drove back down the canyon we had his cousin Linsey's carseat next to his and he just jabbered to her forever - and kept pointing to the mountain with excitement. It was almost as if he was saying, "And look up there! I went up there with Grandpa - and next year you can too!" I was glad he enjoyed it.

Then on Saturday Cory and I drove up with Kim, Tammy, and Coby to Logan for my sister-in-law Kori's graduation from USU. Long drive for a long ceremony, but we were glad to support her. Then we turned around and came back to Salt Lake. My other sister-in-law Ashley and Spencer watched all the kids and had a great time with Gabe - those twins sure smother poor Gabe with attention.

Then Saturday night we went to Rodizio Grill (HARDLY WW friendly!) A buffet and all you can eat meat brought around to your table by the minute. It was amazing and hard not to eat yourself into a coma. But I was really careful.

Unfortunately part-way through the meal we realized that Gabe had SOAKED his diaper clear through, and his clothes were drenched. We didn't have a change of clothes so we had to run and get him some new clothes at Trolley Square (where we were eating). The sales lady was trying to show us cute different tops and finally I just said, "Actually we just need something quick and not too expensive - we're recovering from an accident - I don't care what it looks like". Kind of funny.

Then the kids all got their pictures taken with Santa - EVEN Gabe! That was exciting for me! (And of course we also got the picture of Gabe screaming on Santa's lap for posterity).

Sunday morning we got up and went over to the Conference Center for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast. Unlike all the other Sunday broadcasts this one required tickets - which we didn't have. But while I settled down the kids in the children's theater Tammy and Ashley secured us all some tickets. Tammy and Kim stayed in the children's area with the kids and the rest of us were spread out through the conference center. WOW! It was the most amazing performance of the choir I have ever seen and heard. There were dancers in the aisles, bells, the orchestra, the choir - and my favorite part - Sissel (a Norwegian singer my brother Paul introduced us to after his mission to Norway). I am so blown away by her music - it is truly heavenly. Through the concert I would close my eyes and literally feel like I was in heaven and was being serenaded by angels. Since this was a culmination of the concerts they'd been performing through the week they not only performed the 1/2 hour choir broadcast, but then continued afterwards with 1/2 hour of additional music (from the concerts). At the end President Hinckely came out to greet Sissel and it was very sweet. She says she's already been invited back and will be coming again. I only hope I can attend that concert too!

Then we drove to see Grandparents. I wished we had more time! I always wish we had more time. We went to see Grandma Marilyn first, and our visit was so short. I felt bad. But she took Gabe on a wheel-chair ride and he enjoyed that. Then we buzzed over to see Grandma and Grandpa Whisler for a few minutes. Gabe was taken by the chocolate that Grandma put in his pockets, and he was really disappointed that Yogi didn't want to play with him. But he did have fun seeing both sets of his great grandparents. (and actually he saw his Great Grandma and Grandpa Ellis this weekend too!) I hope all of the grandparents understand that we needed to get on the road because of the weather (snow the whole way home). We sure do love them and wish that time wasn't as it is, and that we'd get to spend more time with them. So much to do, so little time.

Well it's getting late for this old lady - but I'll try to post pictures in the next few days. I didn't take tonz, but enough cute ones that you'll want to see.

Have a great week - and good luck with all of your holiday plans and preparations!

Monday, December 11, 2006

GREAT Christmas cd

I had heard from several people how fantastic the Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong cd was. I had put off getting it - thinking that we had enough Christmas music (can you REALLY ever have enough though....?) But today while I was working on some Christmas projects on the computer I thought I'd give the disk a try (I LOVE the instant gratification of iTunes!)

I LOVE IT! I encourage anyone who likes her music, or who just likes a soft relaxing Christmas cd to give it a try! (and you can even listen to some of it at the Amazon website)

Ranger Ride

On Saturday we packed a lunch, bundled up and headed out on the ranger with some friends for a fun ride. We drove up towards Brianhead ski-resort from our house and were gone for about 3 hours. It was chilly, but lots of fun! We're excited that our friends Andy and Kelly got a Ranger too and now we can take the boys out on rides - should be lots of fun.

We did see some snow, but not too much. And we even got to see some deer. We're sure blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful state to explore!
Kelly, Cole, Hayden and Andy


Joanna, Gabe and Cory

Saturday, December 09, 2006

More of Betty's book

Betty's Memory Book

I have been working on this album for a few weeks for my Aunt Sandra. She will be giving it to her mother-in-law for her birthday at the end of the month. It's been a fun project to work on, and I hope she'll enjoy it. I'm posting it so they can get a peek of it before they get it in the mail.

Friday, December 08, 2006

No Santa Pictures

So Gabe and I spent today in St. George for our big Christmas shopping day. I promised him if he was a big helper we could go see Santa Claus and say "ho-ho-ho". I took my camera with me, and I was even planning on purchasing the overpriced picture that they take and sell to you at the mall.

Well we made it down to where Santa was stationed and I was SO excited - there was NO line! I have never walked past a bored Santa in the mall, and in fact I had been dreading the line all day....but for no reason - Santa was twiddling his thumbs and excited for a new visitor.

SO we walk up and "Santa's Helper" says to me, "You can just leave your little guy in his stroller and push it up by Santa, in case he doesn't want to get out and sit on Santa's lap."

I laughed at her (kindly) and said, "Oh I have a pretty social little guy, and he's been really excited to see Santa - I don't think we'll have a problem!" As I said this I was taking Gabe out of his stroller. Instantly he grabs onto the necklace I'm wearing with one hand, and claws into my arm with his other hand. The poor guy was TERRIFIED!

So I set him on the ground to walk up to Santa and he looks up at me with his hands in the air and say, "Up, Up". So I carry him over to Santa. He kept holding onto my arms and reaching towards where we parked our stroller. The closer we got to Santa, the more interested Gabe was in the decorations outside of Santa's little village.

He showed NO interest in Santa. He wouldn't shake his hand, say hi, or even share his, "ho-ho-ho" that we'd been practicing (which he's fabulous at by the way....even if he does think that Santa AND snowmen both say "ho-ho-ho").

So after several atempts we got back into the stroller and left the mall. So no overpriced Santa picture, and nothing to post on the blog....Sorry. Luckily it's only the 8th of December and we have a few more opportunities to try again.