Friday, December 08, 2006

No Santa Pictures

So Gabe and I spent today in St. George for our big Christmas shopping day. I promised him if he was a big helper we could go see Santa Claus and say "ho-ho-ho". I took my camera with me, and I was even planning on purchasing the overpriced picture that they take and sell to you at the mall.

Well we made it down to where Santa was stationed and I was SO excited - there was NO line! I have never walked past a bored Santa in the mall, and in fact I had been dreading the line all day....but for no reason - Santa was twiddling his thumbs and excited for a new visitor.

SO we walk up and "Santa's Helper" says to me, "You can just leave your little guy in his stroller and push it up by Santa, in case he doesn't want to get out and sit on Santa's lap."

I laughed at her (kindly) and said, "Oh I have a pretty social little guy, and he's been really excited to see Santa - I don't think we'll have a problem!" As I said this I was taking Gabe out of his stroller. Instantly he grabs onto the necklace I'm wearing with one hand, and claws into my arm with his other hand. The poor guy was TERRIFIED!

So I set him on the ground to walk up to Santa and he looks up at me with his hands in the air and say, "Up, Up". So I carry him over to Santa. He kept holding onto my arms and reaching towards where we parked our stroller. The closer we got to Santa, the more interested Gabe was in the decorations outside of Santa's little village.

He showed NO interest in Santa. He wouldn't shake his hand, say hi, or even share his, "ho-ho-ho" that we'd been practicing (which he's fabulous at by the way....even if he does think that Santa AND snowmen both say "ho-ho-ho").

So after several atempts we got back into the stroller and left the mall. So no overpriced Santa picture, and nothing to post on the blog....Sorry. Luckily it's only the 8th of December and we have a few more opportunities to try again.


Emeline Anne said...

So sad! I hope he'll pose with the jolly old guy later. I've been thinking I need to do the same with Emeline... but I already know she'll be terrified, so I'm trying to pump her up for it. I say "Do you want Santa to bring you some presents?" and she says, "No! Mommy, please." She knows mommy will just give her anything and she doesn't need santa... I'm a pushover.

april said...

maybe next year, mommy! ;)

Laura said...

Alli was absolutely freaked out the first two years of her life of santa! She hasn't had a chance this year to give the old man a chance... I'm not sure if we'll force it though, because last two years it was so traumatic for her.

She like pictures of Santa, but the real thing is really something scary when it comes right down to it.

- Jed