Wednesday, November 14, 2007

(pictures to go with previous post)

Here are some pictures of some of the places I listed in my previous post. The paintings are done by my favorite painter - John McNaughton. He has amazing work, and his paintings have brought me to tears more than once. I love his paintings of temples, the Savior, the southwest, the mountains - he amazes me over and over again. Truly the pictures on his website do not do his work justice - but check it out! I also borrowed some pictures from Getty Images and around the web. I am not claiming they are my own - I'm simply enjoying their beauty (and hope you do too!)

Bryce Canyon
Bridal Veil Falls - I forgot to list this on my list - but one of my favorite places up Provo Canyon. I especially love it there in the fall like in this photo!

The Tetons
more of the Tetons
ahh....Grand Cayman....wish it was clear like this when we were there last year...(no, it was more like a hurricane!)
Heceta Head lighthouse in Oregon
Arches National Park

The Sunset on Maui
Mt. Timpanogos The Tetons
Snow Canyon

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