Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1st day of Preschool (offically)

Today was the OFFICIAL first day of Pre-school. Gabe seemed really nervous about it when we were getting ready. He kept asking if I was going to stay, if Hunter was going to come in and see his school - he was concerned and just kind of looked uptight. I reminded him that Daddy had given him a Father's Blessing last night, and that Heavenly Father would help him.

He wasn't thrilled with taking "first day of school" pictures - and complained that it was too cold (it was chilly this morning - I thought it felt great!)

When we got to the school he was nervous still - but I could tell he was trying to be tough. He kept looking around and when the teacher asked one of the other little boys if he would like to go see the fish they added to the classroom Gabe was thrilled to join right in. He ran over, helped feed the fish, and I snuck out the door.

The only break-down was from Hunter when we left. He was so sad to leave Gabe, until he realized that we got to spend time together and he didn't have to share mommy with Gabe. I loved spending some quality time with just Hunter. He thrives on personal attention, and we had some good times playing, and running a couple of errands. I am looking forward to getting a few things done in the mornings when Gabe is gone. Love the boy - but he would much rather be right by my side (or me right by his) than to play on his own or with Hunter. I should be flattered....but sometimes I just need a little space.

Then Gabe had promised me I could take a couple of pictures of him after school with his teacher. He wasn't thrilled about it - but Ms. Mia bribed him with a treat and he was good to go.

Gabe has had some interesting comments today. Here are a few of them:
  • Mom - what is a woman? (A woman is what Mommy is. When a girl grows up she's a woman. And when boys grow up they become men like Daddy.)
  • What's a sister? (A sister is like a brother - but she is a girl. You know - Aunt Julia is Mommy's sister, and Aunt Ashley is Daddy's sister?)
  • Where's my sister? (...uh....well, she still lives in heaven with Heavenly Father)
  • When do I get a sister? (....um, maybe someday?)
  • What does arack obama mean? (Do you mean Barrack Obama?)
  • Yeah - what's Barrack Obama? (Well, Barrack Obama is a man who wants to be the next president of the United States. Then he continued to say he was going to "arack obama" me - using it as a verb)


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

being three looks really hard. Poor guy,he looks so nervous and concerned. I hope he gets to where he enjoys it. Love you, Charlotte

cemarcano said...

I wonder where he heard about Barrack Obama?

Jessica said...

And I wonder what he thinks arack obamaing you is? Gotta love these transitions huh? How did you handle it?

Julia said...

"I'm going to Arack Obama you!"
That made me laugh pretty hard. He sure does look nervous! I hope he loves it though.

Tiffany B said...

What a cute preschooler you have. Loved his conversation snip you shared.