Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buds with blue tounges

A day does not go by that Gabe doesn't BEG for his best friend Noah to come over. We don't have a lot of little boys on our road that are Gabe's age (in fact - there is only one other!) so Noah and Gabe get to spend a lot of time together. It's great because Noah's mom Tracey is so great at taking turns - and I think it's been really good for the boys. It's' such a relief to me that I know when Gabe's over at Noah's house that he's well take care of (Thanks Tracey!)

They love to have "car washes" at Noah's house, go to the park, take ranger rides, play cars and trucks, and eat treats.

Yesterday it was really fun to just sit back and listen to them playing. They had the funniest conversations! They kept saying, "I'm coming! I'm coming to save your life!" They played a bit rough, ran in the house, and had a blast just being boys. I loved watching my sweet boy making a friendship that I hope will continue for a long time. I enjoyed them sharing and teaching each other little things while they played.

I hadn't really thought much about friends for my kids until recently. They've pretty much stuck close to home - but now that Gabe's growing up, having experiences in pre-school and with friends - I hope and pray that he can make more great friends like Noah.

(in these pictures the boys came running to the screen door to show me their "BLUE TOUNGES". They were pretty excited that they BOTH had blue tounges - and wanted to know where mine was)

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