Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WW Wednesday

I'm down this week 2.2 lbs. YAY! That puts me at a total of 12 lbs lost.

This week's triumph was that we went out to eat with friends Saturday night at one of our favorite local steakhouses. I didn't order the giant plate of steak and coconut shrimp I normally would have ordered - I had BBQ chicken. And I was full - so instead of stuffing myself with other food on my plate I simply pushed it aside and enjoyed the conversation instead. And lastly - I didn't indulge in the AMAZING looking cheese-covered ranch fries that our friends ordered as our appetizer. I had one fry right at the end just to satisfy my curiosity (and they were good) - but it felt good to not stuff myself.

I did however enjoy dessert at their house afterwards. But instead of having a huge bowl of the amazing looking pumpkin ice cream (which was divine by the way!) I just had a small scoop with a cookie and felt good that I could enjoy it but not pig out.

That's what it's about - balance. Not totally giving up the foods we enjoy - but to have smaller amounts, and not over-indulge. So the challenge I give to you this week is to work on balance. Find a way to still enjoy things that you love - but in smaller amounts, or different versions of them.

For instance - I love chocolate. I've found that a bowl of sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding is 3 points. I add some tasty fat free cool whip and stir it up for chocolate mousse - 3.5 points. The best part is that 1 cup of the pudding is = to a serving of dairy. So I've satisfied my sweet-tooth and done something good for my body!


Me - Jen said...

Way to go, that is so awesome!! I am proud of you as it is so hard to push plates aside. What discipline and devotion. Keep up the good work girl!!

The Rhiens said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on the victories...the scale victory, but also the non-scale victories. You're doing great!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I am calling the 5th amendment this week on weighing - our house is so torn up and so I have hidden everything that is moveable in my closet just to give me some visual peace in the great room and I hid the scales because we are planning to tile and mud and paint the bathroom next.

I'll catch you in a couple weeks.... kind of on the same note, I have been learning to operate on lower blood sugars so weight or not, that is supposed to be better for my health.

Good job on your victories. It is so easy to let stress and change throw one off course. Good job.