Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our messy boy

Cory came home early from church with Hunter on Sunday because it felt like Hunter was coming down with a fever. He was hot when we got home and continued with a fever the last several days. Monday night his fever reached 104.5 and was stuck between there and 100 for the last couple of days. We ended up taking him into the after-hours clinic at our pediatrician's office last night when his fever kept going up. They looked the poor guy over, ran several tests (strep test, CBC) and came to the conclusion that he had a very red throat, but the dr couldn't determine "for sure" if it was a virus or something bacterial. She said that it was leaning towards a viral infection - but the test results weren't conclusive. Anyway, she decided not to prescribe Hunter an anti-biotic and said that after a few days he should be doing better. Nice - glad I just paid them a couple hundred dollars to tell me that....

Anyway - today he's gotten a bit better, and even had a bit of an appetite. If nothing else he had enough energy to make a HUGE mess of his dinner (I'm a rotten mom - we had Wendy's drive-through again tonight....) He insists on feeding himself and he's a disaster! (but cute - huh?)


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Poor sick baby - poor worried, tired mom. I hope he repairs quickly. Glad his appetite or something that looks like appetite has returned. That's usually a good sign. He is a very creative eater, isn't he?

Rachel Clare said...

I have to say, I just love these pictures (of anyone's kids!) They always crack me up.

Hope you're feeling better!