Sunday, September 14, 2008

A fun way to start the morning

This weekend is Skyfest - one of the millions of festivals we have in "Festival City USA". We have missed it every year (somehow we've been out of town this weekend for several years in a row) so I was worried we'd miss it again. I went up to Logan for Time Out For Women and didn't know if we'd catch the balloons when I got back. We did! We got up this morning and headed over to the fields where they launched the balloons. We missed the main launches, but it was fun to see the balloons that were up, and watch a couple more take off. Gabe was quite disappointed to know we weren't RIDING in the balloons - but just watching....but he calmed down and enjoyed the beautiful morning and watching the cool balloons.

We came back and had tasty cinnamon rolls (courtesy of Grandma Tammy - THANKS!) and are getting ready for church now.

We miss all of the Ellis Family who are in Logan for baby Genevieve's baby blessing. Wish it would have all worked out, but we're sending hugs and kisses to everyone!

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Nicole said...

pretty cool. we are REALLY hoping to make it down to Albuq. this year for the Balloon Fiesta. We'll see if it ends up happening with all that's going on though. I don't know why balloons are so cool, but they are.