Sunday, September 28, 2008

General Conference Packet

Last Conference time I posted a link to a great General Conference Activity Pack. The person who put together the original packet posted on my blog with a note recently saying that she had an updated version for October Conference on her blog.

So go to Genny's Blog, download your packet and enjoy conference!
I also searched on one of my favorite websites ( for Conference Clip Art and found this link full of great things to print for your kids.


Genny said...

You are totally sweet to post it again. Just so you know, I didn't send my name around with it last year, so I would have been impressed if you could link it back to me!!! Anyway, I love that you and others put it on their blogs to share. It makes the whole thing worth it. Enjoy General Conference!!!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I'm so excited. I was going to go back and see if I could find the last one, now I'll go see the new one.

Just a word of caution - please lets all be sure to have a COMPLETE set of crayons available for coloring the ties.... I'm thinking at least a 48, maybe a 96 ! ! ! Okay, JED ? ?

After the wonderful message from President Uchtdorf on Saturday, I am really looking forward to conference this year. Love, Aunt Charlotte