Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gabe-isms and a few about Hunter

  • Gabe took off his crocs the other day and said, "Ew! Mom - my feet are all slobbery!" (meaning sweaty)
  • Gabe was throwing a fit about going to gymnastics the other day. A few minutes before his class he said, "Oh yeah Mom - the Bakers (who teach his class) are gone. They went on vacation out of town, so we don't have gymnastics today." I hadn't heard anything about that - so I told him we were going to go check at their house. He said, "Ok - but they won't be there - we don't have gymnastics today." Well, we went, there was class, and he was just fibbing so he could get out of going. (Should this be starting yet????)
  • Gabe said he didn't want to go to preschool this morning. He told me a bunch of reasons he didn't want to go to preschool. He wanted to stay home and play with his buddy Noah instead. I said, "Gabe - you wouldn't be able to have Noah come over anyway. I'm going to be visiting teaching while you're at preschool." He looked crushed and said, "So I have to go to preschool AND I'm going to miss visiting teaching! UGH!"
  • The other night I made a big mistake. Gabe was stalling and didn't want to go to bed and kept asking for more stories. I said, "Ok - I'll tell you a story about when I was a little girl." My dad always told stories about when he was a little boy, and my mom about when she was a little girl. Well, I told him a couple of stories about when I was little - and guess what? He's hooked. Every night since he begs and begs to have another story about when we were little. In fact, tonight he was wanting another story. I said, "I told you that I would only read one more book in bed. I already read that - so it's time to go to sleep." He responded with, "I didn't want you to READ me another story - you can just TELL me a story from when you were little. Those stories are just in your head. So tell me one." Stinker.
  • Gabe has been quite the little social butterfly lately. He would spend every moment of every day with his friend Noah if I'd let him (wait - today I think they did!) He wants Noah to come over first thing in the morning, and right after preschool, and "Hey mom - let's eat that for dinner - you know, when Noah comes over to eat with us." Oh boy....
  • Hunter says several words....however - they all sound similar. Dad (Da), dog (da - but sounds different from dad), Gabe (Ga), Grandma (Ga - sounds a bit different from Gabe), Nana (Na), Mom (Ma - but he says it mostly when he's eating - so I'm not totally sure he's not saying Mmmmmm). He tried really hard to say Jesus (after looking at a picture of the Savior) when we were at church on Sunday - but it didn't make sense to anyone else.
  • I've tried teaching Hunter sign language - just some basic signs. His favorite - which he uses all the time - is for more. But instead of putting his fingers together he kind of claps over and over again. He'll point at something and then clap - meaning he wants it.
  • Hunter loves singing and dancing - LOVES IT. He belted it out when we were singing songs in sacrament meeting on Sunday - he was SO loud! He also dances anytime music is on - swaying back and forth and bobbing around. It's cute because he does it to any kind of music he can hear.
  • When Hunter is ready to be done with a conversation, or wants to leave somewhere he starts waving good bye to everyone and saying, "eye (bye)". If he's really serious he'll blow kisses too. He knows what he wants and he knows it's much more polite to say goodbye than to just leave.
  • When I give Hunter his sippy cup with milk in it in the morning he GUZZLES it! I will hand it to him and he can't be interrupted. He drinks so noisily - without hardly taking a breath - until it's gone. It cracks me up because he takes it so seriously.
  • Hunter has weird teeth. He got his first 2 on the bottom - like normal. Then his next ones came 3 at a time - but it was the left middle top tooth, one more on that side, and the other side tooth on the right. So he has a gap - like a 1st grader - where his other middle top tooth should be. I keep thinking that it's going to come through any day now - but it will look like it's about to break through - and go back. It's done this for over a month now and it's making me nuts! It takes him SO long to get teeth. I hope he has molars by the time he's old enough to drive.....
  • Hunter still isn't walking. He climbs like a monkey - but he's not walking. I look forward to his walking - but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon. I also hope he's walking by the time he is old enough to drive....that would be weird to explain to his driver's ed teacher.
  • Hunter gives the BEST kisses in the whole world. He doesn't just give the big slobbery face lick like most 1 year old babies - but he smacks his lips together and everything. He is really good about giving kisses to me when he's about to go to bed - it's sweet. He also loves giving Gabe hugs and kisses before bed - something I love seeing more than just about anything in the world!


Katie said...

When Adia was about Hunters age she LOVED to sing too, and she was LOUD! One time during branch conference in La Sal (THis would only happen in La Sal) she was singing so loud you could barely hear anyone else over her. I put my hand over her mouth and shushed her, and when the song was over the chorister went over to the mic and announced "Katie, that baby has recently come from the Chorus of Angels, and she is kind enough to share that with us. If she wants to sing you just let her sing!" Right in front of the whole stake presidency and everything. I was mortified, but I never shushed her again!

april said...

Cracking up about Hunter ending conversations or places he doesnt want to be. If only it really worked like that, right? :)

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

We still have Lisha-isms and even some Blake-isms in our speech after all these years.

Fog outside means it is froggy.

If you stay in the bath too long and look like you have leaves on your fingers - you are "sleevy" and a helicopter is a helitopter. That one was Blakes and he had a hard time learning to spell some words, like that one, because we had never said them properly.

Also, we eat bassghetti. I don't know how that one came about, but it seems to be fairly common with lots of families.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Maybe Hunter will be one of those kids that in the middle of a really boring or drawn out speaker in church will pipe up with AMEN ! ! at just the right moment. hehehehe