Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WW check-in

I had debated as whether or not I wanted to even post today...I had a gain (a big one). I am blaming it 100% on vacation. While I tried to eat was hard. Cory (who NEVER wants to eat at home) had the biggest appetite I've ever seen! He constantly wanted to eat/snack/eat/snack. So the logical thing would be for me to just sit that out - enjoy the conversation and not dig in myself....however I didn't....I snacked too. Darn it! And the frustrating thing was that I would even say, "I'm not even hungry!" and eat with him anyway....I guess it was a step in the right direction that I at least realized that I didn't NEED to eat. Now if I would have just listened to that little voice and NOT eaten :)

Anyway, I got back on track yesterday morning as soon as we got home. I am grateful that I had been eating well before leaving, so that my gain wasn't on-top of my already too high weight....

So my question this week is - "What do you do when you get discouraged to get you back on track and back to eating healthy?"

It can be hard for me when I've been off track, and had a gain. I KNOW that eating healthy works - but often when I get frustrated I will think - "Who cares? I've already gained anyway - what's a little more." Counter-intuitive thinking, but sometimes I have to admit - food helps me feel better (darn it!). So I'd love any advice or tips on how to jump back up and get a positive attitude.

P.S. Right before we left last week I weighed in. I didn't quite reach my 10 lb goal, but I had lost over 9 lbs total - and I felt good about that. Now if I could just lose this new weight plus some before we leave on our next vacation to Jamacia in a couple of weeks...wish me luck!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I wrote you this long post about how I had gained weight from traveling, too and how you will get lots of counsel to help you at Time Out For Women.

In a nutshell - it is just Satan trying to drag us down because this is the weapon in his arsenal that we listen to.

It doesn't matter what number is on the scale if we did our best this week under the circumstances we were in. In the grand scheme of things, a few pounds on vacation should not be allowed to beat you up. Don't let them. You are trying to do what is best for your body and in the end, that will be the result. Discouragement when you are trying your hardest is one of his best and ugliest tricks.

LOVE YOU - aunt Charlotte

april said...

Traveling is the worst. We're probably about to be heading out of town because of the hurricane, and I'm totally dreading it. We're staying with a friend who doesnt cook very often. I'm going to make a major effort to cook for our families while we're there so that we dont eat crud food the whole time!

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I don't have any advice at all, because I'm horrible in this area, but the only support I could give was - I totally understand, and you are not the only one with this problem! I was doing good, lost 5 pounds, and then I panicked (I don't know why) that I was losing weight, and had a 2 day binge eating thing. It was weird. So then I made myself stop, and try to get back on track, so it only cost me a pound, which hopefully I can lose again without panicking and bingeing (binging?) again. . . So I don't have any bright ideas, except just keep trying. Michael Wilcox was one of the speakers this weekend, and he said, as long as you are trying - you haven't failed - you might not be doing what you want, or as good as you want, but as long as you are trying - you are succeeding. Good luck! :) love you