Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cory's new building

Well here are some pictures of our new building. It's most of the way done....they finished the carpet on Monday in the upstairs office. We still need to have minor touch-up paint done, the built in reception desk finished, and the displays moved into the show-room. But for all intents and purposes - it's done.

These pictures are of Cory's office....but I didn't capture my favorite part of the room....there is one wall that is an exterior wall - and it is brick. Some people have suggested to paint the brick - but I actually really like the look of it. The beams on the ceiling are exposed and it all just looks cool. (at least I think it does). It's a large office and he's going to have it separated into kind of a sitting area and office area.

These aren't the best pictures - but this kind of shows the conference area. As you come up the stairs there is a large area with a table and chairs - where they'll have office meetings. Then off to the left side of the table is where Cory's office is. We will be putting in shutters into the 2 cutout windows on the sides of Cory's office door. Then there are 2 offices to the right of the tables. We are going to be renting one of them to a friend of Cory's for his office, and the other office will be for our salesman and another part-time employee who will be overseeing the shutter business. He also runs the blind cleaning business we sold to a friend of ours, and will use that office to do that as well. We are also renting out a space in the shop for the blind cleaning business.

These are pictures of the shop where the shutters are being manufactured. Not everyone knew taht we were going to be doing this now - so I'll explain. When we bought the building we also bought a business - Deseret Wood Shutters. We are now manufacturing our own custom wood shutters. We are mostly fulfilling our own jobs for now, but will eventually be doing jobs for other Blind Guy franchises as well as anyone else in the area who are interested. It's been an adventure getting things going - but I *think* it's a good thing. (for the business anyway - we rarely see Cory anymore!) Anyway - this is a glimpse of where the shutters are made.

The kitchenette & bathroom. Yes - there is a shower in the bathroom...just in case Cory decides to move into the shop....(?) And here is the entrance too.

This is what will be the show-room area. The desk is where the built-in receptionist desk will be and the rest of the room will be filled with blind/shutter/awning displays. I am excited to see this part of the shop all finished. We don't have much walk-in business - we are a "shop-at-home" business - where we bring the samples to the customer's home. But I am excited to see how having a full-fledged show-room changes things. Hopefully it will be a nice addition and help reach customers who want to go somewhere to purchase their blinds. We'll still go to customer's homes for measuring and things - but some just want us to have an official space for them to come to.


MaryRuth said...

Soooo exciting! Looks great!!!

The Rhiens said...

I still can't get over how HUGE this whole place is. It's looking good! I bet that Cory is excited to have a lot of it done. I bet you are, too, Joanna. We wish you much success in days to come.

Love, Mom and Dad

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

WOW - what a huge undertaking. We wish you all the success in the world. I'm so excited you are doing shutters. I crave shutters - and louvers. The first time I came home from a month in Hawaii, I wanted to put louvers in all our windows, or at least all the windows in the living room, but they wouldn't let me. What's wrong with wanting to be a little ventilated?? Clean air is healthier.

Anyway - good luck with your new digs - and I think a shower in the building is a great idea. If Cory works late and then needs to run to like a stake presidency meeting (when he becomes stake president) - he can jump in the shower at work and show up to his meeting all clean and spiffy.

All businesses in Homer have a shower in them because at least half of your employees live in a home without running water.... at the mental health center, we had more than 8 employees that showered at work every day..... but your employees probably have showers in their houses.. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like the new place is going to work out well for you guys. It looks real big and like a huge undertaking- Nobody better than Cory for the job.


Anonymous said...

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