Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My hair

So this afternoon Gabe wanted to look at old scrapbooks and see pictures of when I was a little girl. I pulled out the scrapbook with some older pictures in it. He didn't believe me most of the time when I'd point to a picture and say it was me. He's laugh and say, "No it isn't!"

Then I came to a picture of me in college (10 years ago!!!) He said, "Hey Mom - that looks like you! Hey - that IS you - and you're wearing YOUR hair!"

Turns out that I have gotten stuck in a hair rut and my hair looks almost exactly like it did when I was a freshman in college (with a little more grey)...But at least it helped my little buddy realize the picture was me...

(and yes - I am going to get an appointment ASAP to have my hair done! 10 years is way too long to be doing the same thing! But who am I kidding - I'll probably still stick to what 'works'.)

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