Friday, September 26, 2008

Gabe & Dr Seuss

Gabe was entertaining himself today with an Oriental Trading catalog (one of his favorite things). He was looking at some pictures of skeletons and I explained that he had a skeleton inside of his body. I tickled his ribs and let him poke at the bones in my arms, etc. Then we had this conversation:

  • Gabe: "Mom - those people looked at the bones inside of my body."
  • Mom: "Really? Who looked at the bones in your body?"
  • Gabe: "My doctor - DR. SEUSS!"
I laughed and laughed (I couldn't help it!) - and then the poor guy almost started to cry because I was making fun of him. Oh buddy - I wasn't making fun of you - I was simply thinking how funny a dr visit with Dr Seuss could be!


The Rhiens said...

I can just hear it now...

First I'll look down in your ear.
Then I'll poke you here and here.


How cute! Love, Nana Rhien

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

We should all have Dr. Seuss as our personal Dr. he is so timeless. i loved him as a kid. Brian

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

We actually have a collection of a dozen or so Dr. Seuss favorites checked out from the library. I've been reading them to Tay at bedtime.

I'll tell you, Dr. Seuss had SUCH an imagination. He has to be one of my absolute favorites (I actually didn't realize, but he was a mentor to Stan and Jan Bernstein, another favorite... but now I'm sidetracking).

Love you Gabe. Can't wait to see you,

Uncle Paul