Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanks Grandma Tammy!

Cory's mom has been making the boys these adorable small holiday pillow-cases. They are so fun and the boys love changing the pillow cases when there's a new holiday.

Apparently they also love using these to be "ghosts". Gabe was being silly with his on his head and of course Hunter had to try to join in. It's scary how Hunter copies everything Gabe does.....cute, but scary....

So thanks Grandma Tammy - the boys love them!


Allison Rhien said...

WHat a bunch of cuties! Aren't kids great? Sometimes I wonder why I own any toys. I just need a bunch of boxes, cloth bags and bowls, and I'm set!

The Hoskin Family said...

Your blog is great. The pillow cases are such a great idea. We love you. Love, Cammy