Saturday, August 30, 2008


So a while back I was lamenting how hard it was having a child knee deep in the "TERRIBLE TWOS" - I thought it was was about to kill me. I had several people give me the really reassuring news that, "With my children - the threes were much more terrible than the twos."

So far - they were right!

I think that we call them the "Terrible Twos" because if we said "Terrible Threes" we'd loose all hope when they acted up at two - if we knew we might be faced with this for even longer.

So wish us luck - we need it.

(When I took these pictures Gabe shrieked, "Why are you taking my picture - I hate it!" I told him it was so I could show his kids someday that their dad threw lots of fits. He didn't think that was a good idea.)


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...


Poor guy looks like he was having a really bad day.

The Thomas Trio said...

oh joanna! don't tell me that! my little guy is only 19 months and terrible! so far I am preparing myself for a good five years of terrible-ness!
good luck!


The Rhiens said...

Poor little guy! Poor Mommy! Tell him to cheer up cause Nana and Papa and Julia are coming to see him tomorrow.

Love, Mom and Dad and Julia

Tiffany B said...

Loved all these pics and posts. These of the fit are the best. I was truely LOL. Ummm Cheyenne is 13 now and she threw a similar fit this week. Sorry for the bad news lol.

Jessica said...

I love age two, because three is so hard! Spencer is two and I just love this phase. I remember complaining with Caleb and then he got to be three and so much more independent and cantakerous and I wished I had enjoyed it more with him. On a more positive note, Caleb is coming out of it now at four. He can be reasoned with some of the time and he tells me that I am his best friend. It is rough for a while, but it ends.

Kristi said...

oh, the anguish! the despair! Being 3 is such hard work!

The Jensen Family said...

This too shall pass! And if it makes you feel any better, I have the same thing happening at my house! A 3 and a 1, oh how fun!

Rhien Family said...

yeah, we're back online today, and we can now see these horribly sad pictures of our favorite Gabe throwing a royal fit.

Although you may not like it at the moment, at least you had the smarts to take pictures of his fit, and post them online so we could all sympathize with you.

Best of Luck Gabe, Joanna and Cory-

This is a fun year.

Alli just got a little better lately, so we're excited about that. Most the time, she doesn't throw such dramatic tantrums as she used to.