Thursday, August 28, 2008

Frustrated with technology....and a list of things to catch up on

Ok - I just put together this big post with funny things Gabe and Hunter had done recently and out of the blue (moments before I was going to post it) - my Internet Explorer randomly shuts down for no reason at all - loosing all I wrote. Nice.

Lately it seems that we've had all kinds of computer issues. Recently I thought I had lost everything on my main computer due to a faulty power-supply. Luckily it was just that - the power supply - and was easily fixed. But it was a scary couple of days before we knew why our computer was dead as a door-nail (happened over a holiday).

Then recently I've been dealing with Cory using my laptop (ok - it used to be his - but I did inherit it and I've become quite fond of it!) for work and I feel like my right arm has been cut off. Now I have to drop EVERYTHING to have computer time - because I have to go hide away in my office. And now, I love a few minutes of quiet in my nice cool office - my kids have been known to destroy my house in my small moments of escape. It's been much easier when I've had the laptop on my kitchen desk to work on in the middle of the craziness we call life.

And the couple of days I have had my computer - our internet has been all wonky and hasn't worked. I think we have it worked out though - so hopefully things are back and I can post a few new things on our blog in a bit.

Some things I need to catch up on:
  • Gabe's first day of preschool (well - the open house at least)
  • Gabe's first day of gymnastics/tumbling
  • Gabe funnies (include gum, handy helpers, slobber, reading)
  • Hunter's latest antics
  • fun pictures from the park with Noah
  • trampoline pictures


Kori said...

Yeah! Excited for the updates! For some random reason when I read about your computer woes I thought of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite singing "I love technology..." you know, but totally in a sarcastic way. Weird.

Wendy Sue said...

Hey there! It's been a while since I've checked in here - it was fun "catching up" with you again. I am loving your WW tips (and congrats on the weight loss - you're doing awesome!) and all of the cute photos of your little family. I am hoping now that school has started I will have more time to stay caught up with my favorite blogs! :o)

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how lost we are without our computors. I go crazy if something goes wrong with mine.I know its caraeless of me but all of my addressesare on here and no back up.I am doing much better and feeling good. Love grandma Marilyn

Tiffany B said...

I was so worried that something like that may happen to me this morning as I made my first "real" blog posting in months. It took forever and lucky for me the computer did it's job. Hope you get things worked out with your computer. I love and hate technology. I am looking forward to being able to keep up better on reading your blog with my kids in school now. I have missed it.