Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesday

It's that time again. I got on the scale this morning and I was down 1.2 lbs this week. This was surprising since I was totally off the mark for more than 1/2 of the week. With birthday celebrations, cake, etc - I just kind of bagged WW until Sunday. I guess if I had really worked all week long I would have had a better number to share. But I will not knock anything over a lb! That means 4.4 lbs lost since I got back in the game.

I wish I had a great recipe to share - but instead I'm going to share a couple of my food ideas that are quick and easy.

Schwan's Herb Garlic Potato & Vegetable Blend - I LOVE these veggies! They have a great taste, don't have the texture of yucky frozen veggies (I generally don't love frozen veggies), and quick. I put them in a skillet with some olive oil and they take about 7 minutes to cook up (from frozen). I have several bags of these in my freezer for those days when I really need to get to the grocery store for fresh fruits/veggies - but just don't want to. They are 1 pt for 1 cup.

Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine frozen meals - I have a stock of these in my freezer when I am just not in the mood to cook, or when the family is eating something I probably shouldn't eat. I also have them for lunch a couple times a week. I watch for the sales and stock up then.

Schwan's Light Chicken Marco Polo - This is only 3 points and has high protein and it TASTY! Add a salad and some fruit - yummo! (I can't find a picture of these online...which makes me worry that they won't be carrying them anymore - yikes!)

Ok - so there you have it. I like pre-made foods - they make life easier. Sure - fresh stuff is great - but sometimes it just works out to have stuff on-hand in the freezer.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

OHHHHH, Schwans. my mouth is watering. We couldn't afford them very often when we lived in Oregon, but Brian's aunt and Uncle bought a lot from them. They don't have them up here. We have actually talked about becoming a dealer and importing them up here. Yummy.

good job on the loss - don't beat yourself up for only half a week, even one day is better than no days.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, Actually, I think 1 or 1.5 lbs a week is just the right pace. My WWer leader says that you have a better chance of keeping the weight off when you lose it slowly.
Love to yu, Sandra