Friday, August 08, 2008


This breath-taking view is what we saw from our front door this evening. The sky looked like it was on fire. It gave me chills!

Another thing giving me chills is watching the OLYMPICS opening ceremonies. Wow! I haven't gotten to see all of it, as we were eating dinner and getting the boys ready for bed - but the parts I've caught were also breath-taking. I'm not a huge sports fan - but as many others, I think that the Olympics just bring us together to watch the spirit of the games. I love hearing the stories of the athletes, the hope and hard work - they are inspiring. Just hearing some of the stories gives me goose-bumps.

So I hope you are all enjoying the games, and breath-taking sunsets!

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Kim and Tammy said...

Beautiful sunset! We were wondering what it was going to do at Bear Lake yesterday! We also saw the opening ceremonies and we were awe struck! The precision was incredible!