Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Little Stinker!

Hunter is such a stinker. He is into EVERYTHING. His favorite thing to do this week has been to climb - on EVERYTHING. But his very favorite climbing spot is on this big stool we have in our bathroom so Gabe can wash his hands. He climbs up on it every chance he gets and then tries to reach the water to play in. Such a stinker.

Hunter has been enjoying pushing things around so he can cruise around the house. He has 2 different push toys - but they go too fast unless Gabe is on them. He's found that he likes to push around chairs and stools in the kitchen, laundry baskets and diaper boxes (the same boxes we used to put him in to help him sit up - these things are multi-taskers!) I just wish he could learn to walk....I have a feeling he'll learn while we're on our vacation and Cory's parents will get to see his first steps. That would be great for them...but I think I'll cry if I miss it!

His other favorite thing to mess with this week is the vents - you know like heating/cooling vents? He takes them out and messes with them, tries to grab things that have fallen into the vents (you know - like nasty stuff, hair, dead bugs?) It's making me crazy. I'm ready to duck-tape them to the floor. Every room he's been in have the vents taken off and stashed around the room (by him). I can't just take them off - that's not safe - but I do not know what to do with them. Any suggestions?


april said...

Oy! *I* got a gray hair at the sight of him standing on that stool! Eeek!

Can Cory screw the vent screens into the floor? Or what about some sort of latch (You know, like the photo turns from Making Memories? ha!) that he'd have to really work at to get them up?

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I think we screwed ours into the floor - they can still be unscrewed when you need to vaccuum them, but they don't come off for little guys to hide their cars and GI Joes in.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Oh, ask Grandma Marilyn about charlotte's climbing. Her favorite she tells me was finding me on TOP of the piano with the butter and sugar which I had gotten by climbing to the top of the kitchen cupboard, then climbing down and going into the living room and climbing onto the piano. Don't worry about a little step stool action. !

The Rhiens said...

Yikes...Papa got a little nervous looking at this one. :) Can you teach him how to clean the sink while he's up there? :)

Mom, Dad and Jules

Chase and Kori said...

These pics are fab - but made me a little sad. I can't believe Hunter is that big. The last time we saw him he was still just army crawling. They grow up too fast!