Thursday, August 28, 2008

WW Wednesday

Well I'm closing in on the end of Wednesday and still haven't posted my weigh in. Not because it's bad news - but because I haven't had much computer time lately. (actually I should rephrase that - I haven't had much time in general lately.)

So today I jumped on the scale and I has lost 2 lbs for this week. YAY! This puts me at having lost 9 lbs. since I started, which was just about a month ago (July 23rd to be exact). I'm hoping for at least a 1 lb loss this coming week - so I can have lost 10 lbs before our Hawaii trip....we'll see - I'm working at it.

As for tips for this week - aside from living a crazy/hectic/insane schedule - I don't have many tips.....

First off - if you are in a hurry - plan ahead. Plan to have foods on hand that are quick and easy, and will fit into your hectic schedule. For instance - I knew that Cory would rarely be around this past month, and things would be nuts with the boys and I - so I have had a lot of frozen meals on hand. I have also figured out what fast foods I could have within my points values, and planned for points I'd need to eat out. I have also worked at having fruit and veggies, and my favorite - beef jerky - available that I can snack on in a bind.

A few of my fast food fixes are:
  • McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfaits - 3 points
  • McDonald's grilled chicken wrap - 6 points
  • Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich - 7 points
  • Wendy's *new* grilled chicken go wrap - 6 points
  • Wendy's Ceasar side salad - (without croutons, but with dressing) - 4 points
  • Carl's Jr. Charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich - 7 points
And my other tip for the week is one I don't follow - in fact, I think that not following this tip is a BIG reason why I haven't been able to get this weight off from having Hunter (who, by the way is now a year old - so he is officially not allowed to be the 'excuse' for my *BABY WEIGHT*).


When I did Weight Watchers after I had Gabe the weight didn't come off completely naturally - but it did go better than it has this go-around. I know that my body is different, I'm older, I haven't been attending meetings - but tried to do it mostly online, and I haven't been as good about sticking with - but the #1 reason I don't think that I've done as well with it is that I purchased a dang scale, and I tend to weigh myself every single morning. This is bad! So if you're trying to loose weight - put your darn scale away (I am thinking of actually getting rid of mine all together!) and only weigh in once a week. This is why going to something like a Weight Watcher's meeting works well - because you aren't checking on your weight all the time and you have a set day and time that you're weighing in. Also - I recommend weighing in at the same time, wearing the same clothes, and always go to the bathroom first ;).

Our weights go up and down all the time. Water weight, hormone weight adjustments, maybe you weigh with different clothes on, different times of the day - all these things can make such a big difference. Also, a lot of times we'll have a bad eating day, get on the scale the next day and not have it show up - we might not have gained anything - so we think, "Wow - I just ate 3 hamburgers and 4 chocolate shakes and didn't even gain any weight. I guess that means that I can eat like a cow again today and it won't affect me." Well, that thinking might have been completely incorrect - because the # on the scale might not have changed immediately, but will catch up after a few days. One thing I have learned for sure - it always catches up, always.

So this week my goal is to put the darn scale away, and not weigh myself until we leave for our trip next week. Wish me luck!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I didn't have a scale for almost 30 years and now i have one and I weigh about 8 times a day, literally. At first that was how I was watching my weight - by keeping very close track, but now I just get confused by weighint that often.

For this week, for instance I really have no idea if I gained or stayed the same because I can't remember which weight I used to report in.

So i appreciate the advice... I will try to weight less often.

My weight for the week I think is either the same or 2 pounds over what I weighed last week. I weigh 1/2 pound less than I did last Wednesday, but I might have used my Thursday weight which was 1 1/2 pounds less.

I'm proud of you for losing the weight you wanted to for Hawaii. Good Job.

The Rhiens said...

I was down 1.2 lbs. this week. Not as exciting as 4.2, but I'll take it. That puts me down by 5.4 in 2 weeks. Every little bit helps, huh? Thanks for the continued inspiration and support.


Hilary said...

you're doing awesome! I'm impressed!