Saturday, August 30, 2008


Our neighbor teaches gymnastics in her garage. I thought Gabe would enjoy going to the class and playing with the kids (the teacher is also his nursery leader who he loves). Cory wasn't the biggest fan of the idea, but if I refer to it as "tumbling" instead of gymnastics he seems to be a little more accepting. They just have lots of fun playing on the bars, playing little games, etc. Gabe's favorite part is climbing up the "mountains" (wedge shaped mats) and doing "flip-overs" (somersaults).

As with the preschool experience he did much better once I left. I had planned on staying for the first class to see how it went - but after about 5 minutes Gabe wouldn't leave my side. I told him I'd run home and be back when class was over and he had a great time as soon as I left. The 2nd week I asked if he wanted me to stay or go home and he didn't even hesitate for a second that he wanted me to just drop him off.

After a day of playing hard at gymnastics Gabe is exhausted and sleeps great at night. Hope he keeps having fun with it.


april said...

he looks so big, Joanna!!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Our next gold medal in 2020 ! ! ! YAY. Gymnastics is a great way to grow muscles and learn how to make your body perform. Tell Cory it is a great base to build other sports on.