Friday, August 15, 2008

New Olympic Event

As you may know - the Olympic committee is always looking for new and inovative events to add to the Olympic line up. This year they have found a PERFECT event, and have even managed to award our family with the first ever gold medal - in OLYMPIC MESSY EATING!

Hunter is now considered an icon, a legend, a history maker as the first ever to win an Olympic medal under the age of 2! He has mastered the art of making dinner into a disaster. These pictures only give you a part of his performance - there can often be food on the floor, always under his little bottom, his legs, and my favorite - inside of his ears....Oh - and lately most performances end with the obligatory soak in the tub - because nothing else is getting the chocolate cup-cake out of his little crevices.

Hunter's older brother has been trying to lead the way - but we have to face it - Hunter is just better at this sport. It's ok Gabe - not all of us can be as talented as Hunter. (And you're definetly talented in other ways!)

Although he may be a little young to provide his fans with autographs, he would oblige by smearing some of his bbq pork sandwich onto the front of your shirt or face.


april said...

I think the true Olympic event is mama cleaning messy baby! That looks like one fun mess to clean! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! My messy eater was Eden. She wouldn't let anyone help her eat, so we had a lot of messes. Be grateful for linoleum and not carpet under the table. Whoever puts carpet under their table is asking for trouble!

The Rhiens said...

That looks like Gold Medal work alright. :)

Ha, ha!
Gramma Rhien

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

bring it on - you definitely have competition.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I was going to say it looked like a gold medal, but Paul has a point. I don't know for sure which is messier, but i would think Tay's birthday cake episode would be a close runner up with Hunter's BBQ. That would be an intersting face-off..... or food-off.

Kim and Tammy said...

Did we get sprayed off first before the tub or was it straight to the tub! Ha! What fun Hunter looks like he is having!

Dixie said...

Definately olympic event material, but I tend to agree with April's comment. Shouldn't the medal be awarded to the mommy who gets to clean?