Thursday, August 07, 2008

Look who's THREE!!!!!

So today was Gabe's official birthday even though we had the party on Monday. I've learned for the future that I'm not going to celebrate both of their birthdays on the right day AND do a party's just been too much. In the future either we'll celebrate their individual birthdays ON their actual birth-day, or we'll have a party together and call it good. Doing all of it has been too much celebrating :)

For Gabe's birthday he got an awesome Jeep Powerwheels. Now Cory has wanted to buy Gabe one of these type of toys since he was born. I kept telling him that since it was a huge present that it needed to be for a huge occasion, or that he needed to EARN it. So when we were trying to decide when we could justify buying it we decided to use it as our BIG potty training incentive. I was getting a bit nervous that it wouldn't coincide with his birthday (I wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone) - but we were lucky. He was OFFICIALLY potty trained about a week before the big day. We haven't had any accidents in over 2 weeks. Cool huh? It's awesome - and even has a real FM radio that plays real radio - it's cool!

Another one of his fun presents was a Geotrax airport. It's so awesome! If you're familiar with Geotrax this is a new set that has an airplane that can fly on this cool track. It even flies upside down! We had a lot of fun playing with it - Hunter even joined in!

Gabe also enjoyed his new Lightening McQueen remote control car. He's having a hard time learning to steer - but he's working on it. He also struggled driving the jeep a bit - but hopefully practice will help with that as well.

This afternoon I told him he could open one of his presents before we headed out for our "birthday date" (we went to see Wall-e together). I pulled out a present that was some new pajamas and a couple of shirts for pre-school in the fall. He opened them and said, "No Mom - I wanted one of the REAL presents." Gee - thanks kid :)

So we're not only celebrating that Gabe's turning 3, but that he's growing up, and doing it awesome-ly! Love you big guy. You are my sweet kiddo, my handful, my strong-willed child, an amazing joy, a miracle, an someone who makes me happy, very, very happy.


The Rhiens said...

I love all of these photos, but especially the first two of Gabe. What a handsome boy he has become. Looks like he has lots to keep him busy for awhile. The photos of Hunter in the Jeep with Gabe cracks me up. He looks like he's thinking, "Come on big brother. Let's get this thing going!"

Happy Birthday to both of you.

Love, Nana and Papa

Spencer & Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Gabe. The kids wanted to call and sing to you but it was 9:30pm and we thought you might be in bed, so they will call you today. Happy Birthday Buddy! Love you.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

What a little man he has become. I am so jealous of the jeep - I always wanted something like that and always wanted something like that for my kids - but I couldn't afford it when Blake was little and we didn't have any pavement or sidewalks when Alicia was little.

Oh well, Alicia grew up and took over our real pick-up for five years. Good thing she married a man who likes trucks - now she has her own.

when we were little, somewhere, our folks got a used pedal-powered John Deere Tractor. How I cried when I was too big to ride it.

Can you remember back 4 years - to when Gabe was just a wish, not even a hope at that point??? you were just the proud mommy of two dogs.

And now you have these 2 perfect little guys - what a difference and what answers to soooooooo many prayers. We love you guys - and Happy Birthday Gabe and Hunter. Love, Aunt Charlotte

Kim and Tammy said...

I'm glad that Gabe got his vehicle! Now he can drive with Lady McQueen and we'll all go for a drive! Happy Birthday lots of love! Check the little motorbike on our blog Coby thought Cory should get him next! Ha!