Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesday

Ok - here we are again. Wednesday, and I'm checking in with my Weight Watchers stuff. I weighed myself and I've lost 2.2 lbs this week. YAY!

A couple of things I'm proud of this week:
  • I had a few VERY stressful days, and a few emotional ones. During those I didn't binge, didn't eat chocolate, and didn't throw Weight Watchers out the window. I ate in moderation, still enjoyed party food, and stayed on target. It felt like a big accomplishment after how I emotionally felt to not have broken down and let food comfort me.
  • I did have a little hiccup yesterday. I had a HORRIBLE headache in the afternoon - HORRIBLE. I didn't eat quite right, but the good thing was that as I was breaking down and eating a left-over slice of birthday cake I realized that I didn't enjoy it, didn't need it, I wasn't really even hungry - but was just eating out of boredom. It felt great to put the rest of the piece of cake away and realize I'd made a mistake. I liked that I felt uncomfortable, because that means I'm getting it - that the program is working.
  • I am also finished nursing Hunter now - so I just lost 10 weight watcher points every day....I was worried about it - but I have found in the last several day that my appetite isn't like it was when I was nursing. I'm not nearly as hungry, not nearly as unsatisfied, and I just don't need food the way I seem to when I'm nursing. That was exciting! I'm hoping that not nursing will help my body to get back into the swing of things (with a little help....) (I will also miss nursing...but that's another post for another time...)
SIGG Water Bottle with Screw Top - 32 oz.
As for tips or ideas for this week - I think that drinking water is key. VERY important to keep hydrated. So often we think that we're hungry - when a glass of water would be enough to tide us over. Water helps our bodies work better all around and is awesome! Find out how you like to drink your water - do you like it ice cold, room temperature? Do you prefer it in a glass, a bottle, in a mug with a straw? I find that my personal water drinking style changes from time to time, so I try to adjust to that. Meaning - sometimes I just love drinking from this 32 ounce mug I got when I had my babies (from the hospital) - it has a straw, and there are times when sitting down with that is exactly what i need. There are other times when my metal bottle my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas fits the bill, and other times still when I just like it room temp. So find what your water style is - and that will help you drink more. I find that I have to have a LARGE water in the car with me when we're driving. I can easily get my water drinking in when I have a day I'm driving all over the place. I do it without even thinking of it, and so I need to be prepared with something to drink when I get in the car.


Spencer & Ashley said...

Good for you Joanna. Way to go. I am trying, but it is so stressful with Spencer not here. I need to get better so I can be thinner when I see him.

The Rhiens said...

Horray! 2.2 lbs. is great. I am proud of your renewed efforts.

As for my water drinking style--I love to fill up my BIG insulated WW cup, with a lid and a straw with ice and water in the morning. Then again in the early afternoon, and just before dinner. I just take a sip every time I go by. Works for me. Good luck on your continued efforts, and congrats on not giving in to stress eating. That is such a biggie for me!

Love, Mom

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

oh, this reminds me.... one of the foods that I absolutely have not been able to eat with my diabetes is pancakes and french toast and such, even when combining them with the protein of eggs and bacon.

But last time we were in Fred Meyer, I happened to see sugar free pancake syrup. I usually stay as far away from sugar substitutes as possible - having always followed the teachings of Richard Simmons that sugar is bad for you, but at least we know what it does. And of course now we have heard all this research that sugar substitutes are not healthy.

Anyway, in this case, I knew the only way to be able to add these foods to my diet was to go sugarfree. I chose Mrs. Butterworths, because I knew she wouldn't mess up syrup... and I was right. It is really good and I didn't notice the difference at all.

I don't know what this has to do with drinking water.???

I have a brita pitcher that i keep full all the time and i have 2 glasses with straws that sit next to my chair and try to keep full all the time. our water is usually very cold when it comes out of the well, and i love it cold, but like it at room temp most of the time.

Me - Jen said...

First congrats on the 2 lbs. Second I drink ALOT of water when I drink out of two little plastic straws that you buy at the grocery store in a big pack. Straws make you drink more. Right now it is so blasted hot in Boise that I like my water bottle frozen and within 5 minutes outside it is a slush. Keep up the good work!!