Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gabe and Hunter stuff

These pictures were from bath-time tonight. They were quite the little cheesie guys! I have some other cheesy ones - but they need to have some "modesty" edits - so I'll have to Photo-shop them and add them later.

  • The other night we had some frozen chicken florentine for dinner. Gabe took a smell of it and said, "Uh Mom - this smells like Grandpa." Cory and I looked confused and said, "Which Grandpa honey?" He thought about it for a minute and said, "Not Grandpa Kim....and not Papa Rhien....It just smells like a grandpa!" (And honestly - I don't know if it was a 'grandpa' smell - but it didn't smell good - and didn't taste great either!)
  • We were driving into town on Saturday and Gabe yells from the backseat "Mom - there's an ELEPHANT!" I laughed and said, "Gabe - I don't think so....." He said, "No Mom - there's an elephant in the cloud up there!" He points to a big puffy cloud that looked exactly like an elephant. Ha! We ended up playing the cloud shape game for a long time after that - I loved it! (I loved that he came up with it all by himself too - we'd never played it before).
  • I did something for Gabe - can't remember what it was - but it was something very small, but he responded by saying, "Thank you my cute girl." (Don't let him know - I'd probably do just about anything he wanted if he said that every time. Especially if he said, "Thank you my cute and skinny girl"!)
  • We were watching an ad for the Olympics - for diving. Gabe yelled, "Mom - those divers are just like you! They dive off the diving board just like you do." HA-HA! (I took him swimming at the beginning of the summer and he insisted that I jump off the diving board....and JUMP I did - there was no graceful diving....)
  • Lastly - today I asked him how much he loved me (see a couple of posts back). I was curious if he'd give me a number again. He didn't even hesitate and said, "Ninety Eight!" So it looks like at the rate we're going that it's all looking up!
  • Hunter has started trying to do sign-language. He signs the sign for milk and more (and kind of gets them mixed up a bit).
  • Hunter LOVES his daddy and brother. He says "addy" and "ga" to call for them. If Cory comes home and then leaves the room Hunter gets so upset and speed crawls to the door to catch up with him. Today Gabe had a friend over and wasn't playing with Hunter - poor Hunter felt so left out.
  • Hunter loves music and loves to dance. If I start singing a silly song he inevitably starts dancing around. And he's also great at dancing on command. I just say, "Dance Hunter" and he starts swaying around (with our without tunes!)
  • Hunter has been saying hi and bye quite a bit. He waves to other people, says hi when I got get him in the morning, and waves when people talk to him. His version of hi sounds like "I!"
  • We were finishing up with the boy's well visits at the doctor. The doctor was getting ready to leave the room and Hunter waved at him and said clear as day, "Bye!"
  • It was bedtime and Hunter wanted Cory to hold him. He leaned out for Cory to take him and then put his head on Cory's shoulder and gave him the sweetest hug. He proceeded to do it several more times - melted my heart. Over the last couple days I'll say, "Hunter - give me loves" and he'll do it again. LOVE it!


MaryRuth said...

oooh I love the "Thank you my cute girl" comment. SO CUTE!!

COngrats on the weight loss and the yummy food suggestions!!

The Mullen Family said...

Those two boys come up with the greatest things to say. I love it. TOO CUTE!!

The Rhiens said...

It smells like a Grandpa! That's funny. I laughed super hard about all the cute things Gabe said in this post. Good stuff!