Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WW Wednesday

YAY! I did my weigh-in this morning (at home, as I'm still just doing WW online, and not at meetings....) and I'm down 2.8 this week! Yahoo!!! Feeling good about it too because it is plain and simply because I stayed on the program really well this week. Once again - it works when you do it the right way.

This means I'm down a total of 7.2 lbs in a little less than a month. I had a goal of loosing 10 lbs before we go to Hawaii, and that's coming up - but it looks like I *might* be able to make it. We'll see.
Now I wish I had a big list of fabulous new recipes. But truthfully I haven't been trying many new recipes. And it's been one of the craziest/busiest months of our marriage and so I haven't even been real great about cooking meals every night. We've had a lot of leftovers, quick bites out to eat, and quick meals at home. I've been eating a lot more fresh fruits (I've been LOVING fresh peaches!) but I need to work on my vegetables better this week. Fruits aren't hard - but veggies are a little more difficult for me.
I have been focusing on protein this week, and as it's been in the past - it helps tremendously. One of my favorite high protein foods is low fat or fat free cottage cheese. A lot of mornings I'll have a bowl of that and some kind of fruit for breakfast. Good for calcium, low fat, and loaded with protein. I also like to eat tuna fish for lunch. Here's a recipe I use a lot of times for lunch:
Sweet & Spicy Tuna (4.5 points)
1 pouch of Starkist Flavor Creations Sweet & Spicy Tuna
2 Tbsp fat free Mayo
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup chopped baby carrots
Mix well and enjoy!

So here's hoping to another successful week like this one. If any of you have great lower calorie/fat, protein rich forms of food that you enjoy - please post them - I'd love more ideas!


Alicia & Justin Clark said...

Congratulations! Every time I read about your accomplishments it makes me more determined to try. Of course I haven't actually done anything yet, but soon I'll be so determined that I will. hehe. :) Love you.

The Mullen Family said...

Way to go Joanna. I wish that were me. I keep gaining instead of loosing.

The Rhiens said...

Good work! 2.8 is great! Keep it up. I am anxious to see how I do on my first week's weigh-in tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Jessica said...

awesome. I am feeling more motivated by you. My problem is I really need to get a good workout in and I never manage to find time to do a good one.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I got an email from one of my Diabetic companies and it is probably like the idea behind WW - you set realistic goals, plan how to meet the goals, plan ways to keep track of your progress and when and where you will report it.

So I started last week = thanks to your example.
minus 4 last week and minus 4 this week. YAY !! Of course, I dropped a medicine that was puffing me up so lots of it was water, but a lose is a lose right?

thanks for the inspiration. See you next Wednesday.

The Frosts said...

Great job! I've had a bad week this week but I'm back on the bandwagon now. I feel like I'm plateauing a little bit (but feel like I can't complain too much since I'm 5 lb. below my Pre preg weight). Anyway, I'm inspired too. As for quick protein, I make lunchmeat and cheese wraps with lettuce sometimes. Or sometimes I eat Turkey pepperoni (17 pieces for 1.5 points).

Rachel Clare said...

You are so inspiring! Way to go!

kallunkimom said...

Hey there! It's Lisa from Memory Lane days...I hope you remember me?
I found your blog from Maggie's blog and decided to check it out!

It must have been fate because I'm struggling to get back to doing WW and here you are with a fantastic and inspiring post! Wednesday is my weigh-in day also but I didn't go because my back is giving me problems today.

I'll check back on your progress and hopefully make some of my own this week!