Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hunter has struggled the last couple of days. I don't quite know what it is, but he has been fussier than usual, and he doesn't seem as content to sleep as much as he was. And when he does fall asleep during the day it seems like only moments and he is awake again. I have a feeling it could be from my change in diet, or he could be going through a growth spurt. The veggies/fruits don't seem to be agreeing with him. So I'm going to watch what I'm eating these next few days. It's hard when I'm trying to eat healthy looks like he might have preferred the junk-food diet I was on. (don't blame the guy...)
Night times are the hardest for him. He really wants to nurse every single hour from about 7:00 pm until he goes to sleep (which seems to be getting later and later). He takes little cat-naps between, but for the most part he's screaming, or eating. It's hard to get anything done, and is actually quite exhausting.
However - getting to the reason I'm posting these pictures - he is sure a cutie! This afternoon we had a good 1/2 hour where he was really alert and happy. He even gave me what appeared to be a social smile (not gas-related) - and I caught it on film. YAY! So here's our sweetheart.

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The Rhiens said...

Ah! They grow up so fast! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! It will be so fun to see both new babies again.

Mom and Dad