Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After reading my mom's comment I went back and re-read my last post. When I wrote,

"I was almost in tears when an older woman came up to me as we left and said,
"Honey - maybe next time you should leave your baby at home with his dad while
you do the shopping". I ran into her with my cart...."

I meant to write "I SHOULD HAVE ran into her with my cart...."

So no, the lines at walmart have not driven me to violence (yet) - I'm just sleep deprived and have "mommy-brain". Guess I should proof-read what I type.


Anonymous said...

It seems you have had the initiation of a mom with two kids. It does get better. I want to try those golden crisps or whatever they are.

It is amazing that when you are in line at Walmart that many people just pass judgment and don't offer to help. The way to combat that is to let someone go ahead of you when you have a good shopping experience.

On other news, I have great news. Do you remember Jeremy and Christine Hall? They have decided to adopt and they have benn chosen to receive a baby girl born in January! They are so excited and they have waited so long to be parents!! You know about that! So if you want to contact them I can give you their info!!!!


Anonymous said...

In California, a mom would have just pulled a clean cloth out of her bag to cover up, and would have probably nursed while waiting in line. But I assume that wouldn't fly in Utah. . .

It's amazing how judgemental folks can be. . . .

You hang in there and know you are doing great, Love, Sandra

april said...

LOL---too funny!