Friday, August 24, 2007

3 week pictures

Here are some pictures I took yesterday. Hunter was pretty alert last night before I put him down and we had some fun taking pictures. He kept making faces at me - it was funny.

Linzy gives quite the kisses....a bit slobbery, but Hunter didn't mind.

Grandma with her boys. (Doesn't she look too young to be a grandma of 6?!?!)

Gabe has a special place in his heart for Aunt Ashley. He has loved the time he's gotten to spend at their house and is always talking about "Ash-ee". I think daily he tells me he wants to have cake with "Ash-ee" - or tells me how she took him swimming. It's too bad they don't live closer.

As I mentioned before - Hunter has an issue with diapers...and making messes...The last couple of times we've had incidents he's been hilarious! I've said to him, "What are you doing you little stinker! You're making a huge mess everywhere!" And he's just looked at me with a funny expression - kind of like, "he-he mom..." If I wasn't covered in his messes at the time I might be able to catch it on film. But since I am pretty sure my warranty on my camera doesn't include "baby messes" - these pictures will have to be good enough to document his cuteness.

Gabe LOVED on Linzy. He just went up all on his own and gave her the biggest hug - it was so sweet. I hope he always loves his cousins this much. All of his cousins that are close to him in age (Ali - one year older, Linzy - one year younger and Taylor - 2 years younger) are girls. I hope he will always be sweet and loving to them.

(Ashley - I'll need to get copies of the ones you guys took at the park and ice cream parlor. I'd love to see the ones of Gabe and Linzy dancing).


The Rhiens said...

It doesn't seem possible that he is three weeks old already. Looks like Grandma Tammy and Aunt Ashley had a fun time with them. :)


Spencer & Ashley said...

I love those boys to pieces. IT was fun to come down and spend some time with you guys, and with the boys. I have the greatest nephews. Come to think of it, that is all I have is nephews. I have a special place in my heart for Gabe & Hunter too. I love Gabe coming to stay with us, and can't wait for him to come again. When Hunter gets older, we will have to take both boys. Can't wait. The kids love their cousin coming to stay.