Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I just found the tastiest treat and wanted to share it with you guys. Wish you could all come over and sit down and have a few to snack on....

Garden Harvest Toasted Chips

I just bought the Tomato Basil variety and they are SOOO tasty. And a 1 ounce serving (about 16 chips) is only 2 points and LOADED with flavor. And they have 1/4 cup serving of veggies in each serving. I don't feel *too* bad having these as a snack - at least as far as chips go. They satisfy that salty/crunchy craving too. YUM-O! I am excited to buy the Apple Cinnamon ones, and the Garden Veggie (I'm not a huge fan of banana chips). In fact I think I'm going to call Cory on his way home from work and have him see if he can pick some up at the store. And if you go to this part of the website you can sign up for them to send you a free sample. So go for it!

These tasty snacks *almost* make up for the fact that the trip to Walmart I just made was the worst one I've ever had in my entire life! (And that's saying a lot if you've been to my Walmart...) I had a FULL cart and was just about done shopping. I had Hunter with me, and Cory had stayed home to watch Gabe. Anyway - I was just about done and Hunter woke up. And he woke up HUNGRY and wanting to eat immediately. But I had just shopped for an hour +, and couldn't just leave a cart of food sitting there. (But after this experience I wish I had...) I got up to the front to pay and there was not one single line that wasn't at least a 15 minute wait! (I didn't realize that when we got started). Everyone in the store is staring at me because Hunter is screaming and I can see people getting ready to hand out "Worst Parent of the Year" awards - with me as the grand prize winner. However, not one person looked at me and offered to help unload the cart, or help me load my groceries back into the cart as the employee tossed the bags in my direction, or offer to let me go ahead of them - they all just glared at me, shook their head like I was ruining Hunter for life by letting him cry a bit (and I wasn't letting him - I didn't feel like I had much of an option.) I was almost in tears when an older woman came up to me as we left and said, "Honey - maybe next time you should leave your baby at home with his dad while you do the shopping". I ran into her with my cart....

So needless to say it was a bright spot in my day to find a tasty treat to sit down with after a stressful afternoon.
(Edited to add: Cory stopped and picked up some of the veggie ones too, and they're pretty darn tasty! He got the apple cinnamon ones, but we'll wait till tomorrow to try those.)


The Rhiens said...

Wow! That sounds like quite the Walmart trip. That happened to me when Julia was a baby, too. Only, to make things worse, it was just a day or two before Thanksgiving and EVERYONE had a FULL, FULL cart. And she was absolutely screaming at the top of her lungs. If I remember right, I started to cry a little bit, and people finally noticed and let me go ahead of them. I still remember the feeling of frustration, though.

You didn't REALLY run into the woman with your cart, did you? :)

Hang in there!

april said...

people suck! Kevin and I went to our grocery store the other night and parked next to the expectant mom parking spot, totally not thinking about it. When we came out of the store, two college age guys carrying tons of beer got into their car in the "stork spot" and left. Kevin was actually madder than I was. People are just stupid sometimes!!