Sunday, August 19, 2007


This week we have a lot of birthdays and anniversaries in our family. Just wanted to send out a congrats and happy birthday to everyone. This week we have:
  • The anniverary of when Cory and I got engaged. (9 years ago today! Love you sweetie)
  • My parents (Mom & Dad Rhien) wedding anniversary - 29 years - wow!
  • Grandma Harding's birthday
  • Dad Ellis's birthday
  • Logan's 8th birthday (which I can hardly believe - I still remember the day he was born quite vividly.)
  • Mom & Dad Ellis's wedding anniversary - 32 years (I think...)
  • And my sister-in-law Nicole's birthday was earlier this week

So it's a busy week in our families. A pretty awesome time to celebrate for everyone. We love you all!

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