Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten for Thursday

  1. Today Cory's mom and sister Ashley came to visit (and my niece Linzy). They got here about 12:30 and left around 8:00 - so it was just a quick visit so they could meet Hunter and spend some time with Gabe. Gabe LOVED it! He was very excited for them to come. He gave sweet hugs and kisses to Linzy - it was cute. At one point he grabbed her and patted her cheeks and said, "Ahhhhh".
  2. My favorite thing he did today was when I was putting him down for a nap. I sang his songs to him, tucked him in, and he was supposed to be ready to sleep. But he started getting frustrated and telling me that he wanted "Tammy" to sing to him. I would say, "Grandma Tammy?" and he'd say, "NO - TAMMY!" Yikes - he's even using Grandma's first name...not a good sign.
  3. Grandma "Tammy" also took Gabe to the park and to get ice cream with Linzy and Aunt Ashley, while I stayed home with Hunter who was napping so I could get some work stuff done. I guess there was a juke box at the ice cream parlor they went to and towards the end of their visit it stopped working. They said Gabe was sad that it wasn't working anymore. He looked around the juke-box and proudly announced that "Dad fix it!" Even at this age Gabe knows that Daddy's can fix anything. When Gabe woke up from his nap he announced to Daddy that he was supposed to fix the music.
  4. I don't know if I've mentioned how much Hunter loves to hold his head up. He has a very strong head and will hardly even snuggle on my shoulder - because he wants to be up and looking around. Tonight he started kicking his legs really strong too - the kind of kicks where he's trying to stand on his legs.
  5. "Mom - Get IT!" When Hunter starts crying, or when Gabe just wants me to pick Hunter up he yells for me to "Get IT!" Not to "Get Hunter" - but "IT!" Poor little guy...But on a good note - Gabe has also started calling Hunter his "little buddy" - it is precious! Especially when he calls him that and follows it up with a kiss on Hunter's forehead.
  6. Tired.....I don't really remember being this exhausted with Gabe....then again, I probably wasn't as exhausted with just one. Makes perfect sense!
  7. We ran some errands again today, and it wasn't even a total disaster. I walked into Deseret Book to pick up a gift. I had Hunter in the carrier, balanced on my arm, I was struggling to hold Gabe's hand with my other hand, and my purse was falling off my shoulder. The woman at the counter said, "Oh - how cute, a new baby. Is this your first outing with the 2 alone?" I laughed and said, "Almost - is it that obvious?" I guess I did kind of look like a mess. But hey - I had make up on, my hair done - and it was only 10:00! I was pretty proud of myself.
  8. When we rang up our purchase at Deseret Book Gabe saw some chocolate truffle bars on the counter and yelled that he wanted some "Chochet". The cashier was in awe that he knew those were chocolate. Yeah - he's my son...
  9. I went to hand Gabe the change when we checked out at a store - some pennies, a quarter. He looked at it disgusted and said, "No - DOLLARS!" Yeah, he's his dad's son.....
  10. Hunter is 3 weeks old! I cannot believe that it's already been that long. In some ways I don't remember a time he wasn't in our family - and in other ways it does not seem possible that he's already been with us for 3 weeks. I am realizing this time around that these baby days go by WAY too fast. I hope somehow I can capture and remember some of this time instead of walking around with a haze around my head.

(I will post some 3 week pictures later. That is - if I can get some good ones taken.)

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Chase and Kori said...

I wish I would have known Tammy and Ashley were going down to visit - I would have loved to come and see you and the boys too! I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already since Hunter was born - we're so excited to meet him next weekend. Good for you for getting out and about, even if it is a challenge. It sounds like you are going to be a pro at going out with your two handsome boys in no time!