Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's SCARY.... cute these Halloween things are at Pottery Barn Kids! If I had a bunch of money I'd buy one of each and deck out my house. (Or if I were uber talented and had spare time on my hands - I'd make a lot of thse things) They are SO cute!

On a related note - Gabe is trying to decide what he wants to be for Halloween. I asked the other night and without hesitation he yelled out, "PIRATE!" I honestly don't even know if he knows what a pirate is.....but Old Navy does have a pirate costume that doesn't cost too much. (Pottery Barn has an even cuter pirate costume - but I'm not spending $59 on something that he will wear for an hour, 2 at most). So we'll see if he really does want a pirate costume after he sees some of the others out there. He did show some interest in a fireman costume - but still said he wanted to be a pirate.

Trick-or-treating should be fun this year - especially with our little guy's sweet-tooth :)


Carpers said...

A couple years ago, our friends boy HAD to be spiderman and the costume was 60 dollars, but she found one I think at Lillian Vernon for less and then used it for pajamas, so it wasn't just a one time expense. how fun he will be trick or treating this year. Love, Aunt Charlotte

The Rhiens said...

They're cute alright...especially the placemats and the calendar. Fun stuff!


Holly Child said...

Don't you just LOVE all that stuff!! I got my kids the trick or treat bags with their names...I've been eyeing them for a couple years, and decided to bite the bullet and do it now before they are too old to think they're cute! I still have a couple years left in 'em!! ;o) And that's a darling Old Navy Pirate costume!! You can always save it for your next little one! When my oldest was about 18 months, I bought a leopard costume from ON and have kept it all these years. Now my little boy (who'll be 20 months by Halloween) will be able to wear it!

Carpers said...

Man this stuff is so CUTE! I've been dreading fall, but after seeing this stuff I'm thinking, maybe fall will be okay. They're so cute! Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the costume. love ya. Alicia

MaryRuth said...

SHUT UP!! That stuff is sooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!

I LOVE DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about FALL!!! Now I want to pull out my fall stuff! too bad its still a million degrees here!!!

(good grief, probably way too many exclamation points! but at least you knew I was excited about the fall stuff! :)