Monday, August 27, 2007

WW - here I come!

Well it's official. I signed back up for Weight Watchers this morning. Just like after I had Gabe I had become an eating slob. Nursing makes me HUNGRY - and I don't do well with just trying to 'eat healthy'. I need something (like Weight Watchers) for me to be accountable, and to structure how I should be eating. I sat down this morning and worked on the computer a bit to plan my food out for the day and I think it will really help me. I actually don't think I'll be as hungry - but I'll be eating the RIGHT things. These past 2 weeks or so I've been eating junk food when I get hungry - instead of making good choices.

Now I just need to work on grocery shopping for fresher foods. It's hard because I want to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible - but in order to eat fresh fruits and veggies - I have to do it somewhat frequently. Otherwise we have an experience like last night where I thought I had a big bag of broccoli in the fridge to go with dinner - but it was already moldy (and it had only been a little over a week since I'd gone shopping!) Anyone have any advice for this delima?

So here we go - another weight loss journey has begun....Wish me luck!


Erica said...

You can order all of your groceries online at Albertson's or Smith's and then either have them delivered or go pick them up all ready to go. I don't know if your local grocery store does that but ours does and I think it would well be worth the cost.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, congratulations on getting back on the plan! Be sure to remember that nursing mothers get more points!

We try to lightly steam or parboil our veggies within a day of buying them (obviously this doesn't work for salad stuff)--that way they keep for 5 or 6 days, I don't know of any way to keep veggies for much more than a week or 10 days.

Maybe for the next few months, you need to cut yourself a break and use mostly frozen. THat's still pretty nutritious (cuz they are processed so soon after harvesting), and it would lessen the things you have to get weekly.

You could follow Erica's suggestion for the fresh, perishable stuff and buy the other stuff in bulk--that would keep the cost of the order down and still get you stuff more often.

Do you have community-assisted-agriculture where you are? A bunch of households agree to make a couple big "downpayments" a year (I think it's around $400), and then you receive a weekly box of farm fresh produce for the 4-6 months of the growing season? Obviously, the price varies by reguion.

Good luck! Love, Sandra

Candee & Weston said...


I admire you for getting back on the bandwagon so soon after having a baby. I know about the nursing thing, because I get really hungry and I slim down really quick when nursing. I am glad that it helps me get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I have been running 3 times a week and I hope to continue this until I cannot any longer. I don't want to gain as much as I did with Hallie.

I am almost out of my first trimester and I am feeling good.

Good luck on your journey and let me know how it works for you!


Monica said...

Good luck...I joined Jenny Craig last week and I think I've already lost 5#. If I can do it, you can. LOL

I find what works best with my produce is to prepare it as soon as I buy it. I chop lettuce up and keep it in a Gladware container, wash grapes and pick them off the stems, cut up fruit, etc. If I can grab it and eat I will, but if it's too much prep time...forget it!

april said...

you can do it!!!