Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thoughts at one week after Hunter's birth

So it's been one week since our sweetie was born. It's gone by fast, and slow - depending on the moment. The sweet moments go by too quickly, and the grumpy moments drag on. It's hard to stay too grumpy though when you see a sweet scene like this:

  • Before Hunter was born I started getting worried that with two little boys only two years apart that we'd be dealing with a lot of "hand-me-downs" and shared toys. Now that's not a bad thing for our pocketbook - it's a relief actually. But I just feel bad and hope that Hunter doesn't feel cheated. Anyway, it seems that I have also fallen into the same problem that all parents have - I have been calling Hunter Gabe's name over and over again. I guess it's out of habit. But I feel bad because it seems that not only will this little guy not have any of his own "stuff" - but he doesn't even have his own name!
  • I'm already apologizing to Hunter that he can't go to college. Apparently with all the wet/messy diapers he has (SOOOOO many! That little guy 'goes' more than any baby I've known!) we are going to have to use all of his college money to buy diapers :)
  • Hunter sure is a cutie! He's been a little more alert/awake the last 24 hours. He spent some time last night on the floor playing with Gabe. Gabe sure thought that was funny.

  • Biting, hitting, tearing library books, licking cabinets, spitting, whining, time outs, yelling, throwing things...yeah - I think we've hit the terrible 2's. (this all happened in a matter of minutes)
  • Going to the dr for well baby/kid checks with 2 little kids is enough to cause a minor meltdown for a new mommy - especially if the visit includes waiting for almost an hour. (Even if Grandma comes with them - heaven knows how we'll do it in the future by ourselves). Thank goodness it didn't involve any shots today!
  • I have little (small) kids. Gabe in particular. He measures in the 10-15% for his height and weight. Hunter has a smaller head than Gabe (he really hasn't gotten anything from me, if I can't even pass on my large head....) and he's in the 20-30% for height and weight. Hunter had gotten back to his birth weight this past week, which the dr said they don't expect until 2 weeks. So he's happy with how much he's put back on. I still think the little guy is pretty skinny....
  • Simply thinking about starting Weight Watchers again somehow has a way of making me want to eat chocolate, fast food, chips, and cheese. And try as I might - I swear it makes me hungrier just thinking about the points I shouldn't be eating.
  • Getting a little worried about how we're going to manage on our own when my mom goes home...she's been particularly helpful at mealtimes. Especially making sure we have a well balanced dinner to eat. I'm a little worried about the frozen/takeout meals we'll be eating in the upcoming future (see the last bullet point - pretty related).
  • Hunter isn't a huge fan of being awake and not eating. He has a hard time sometimes when we try to play with him, or keep him up before it's time for another feeding. I do feed somewhat on-demand, but there are times when it's simply not time for another feeding. Poor guy.

  • If nothing else - having Hunter has made Gabe more excited about having his picture taken. Anytime I take the camera out to get a picture of Hunter growing up right before our eyes Gabe gets all excited yelling "CHEESE!" the picture with his tounge sticking out was me trying to come up with something other than the signature smile he's created.


Spencer & Ashley said...

What sweethearts you have. Don't worry, Joanna. After your mom leaves you will be able to do just fine, becasue you have to. I didn't know how I was going to do it with Logan and the twins 21 months apart. It will get better and easier. It just takes some adjusting time. Ate least you only have to adjust from 1 to 2 instead of 1 to 3.
As far as the hand me downs go, Lincoln loves wearing Logan's old clothes, and I still get him a few new things once in a while. It really won't bother them.
Give the boys hugs and kisses for us and we love Gabe's signature smile. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love it . You can tell already that Hunter has his own personality and will be able to hold his own.

You can do it too. Remeber you are an awesome woman and think of all the awesome women in the family. YOu have good genes.

Gabe ! how great you and Hunter look together. Love Grandma Marilyn

The Desert Jungle said...

Licking the cabinets?? I'm dying. That is so funny. Life is certainly a little overwhelming with two, but I promise it gets better. It's all about giving yourself a break, turning on a movie (or seven) for Gabe, and taking things one step at a time. And, you're house DOESN'T need to be perfect. Or even clean. As long as you have a fresh pair of underwear each day....
You're going to be great! (Feel free to call and vent whenever. Or maybe I'll call YOU to vent!)
Hope to see you guys soon.
Love, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Joanna, thanks so much for sharing here even in this crazy first week. It makes me feel close to you and to Hunter and Gabe, even though I am not there. I'm guessing that two is a lot about just trying to do the best you can in the moment, and having to let go of a lot of standards and plans and ideals about how it should all go and just deal. . .

We love you, and your whole family is in our thoughts. Sandra

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Weightwatchers, did I ever send you this hilarious link for weightwatcher recipe cards from 1974:? The first time I looked at them I almost lost it. Enjoy! Love, Sandra

Kim & Tammy said...

I love the picture of Gabe and Hunter on the floor! You will adjust and just when you don't think you can do it, it all comes together. Hand me downs? I have to laugh at little Logan and when he comes to visit, he whispers in my ear if Coby has any shirts he can have! Well give the boys hugs and kisses from us, too.