Sunday, July 01, 2007

Update for the week

Hello everyone. Not quite sure what to update on...nothing really going on here. But thought I'd get on and say we're still alive.

Cory took Gabe camping Friday night and I had an afternoon/evening to myself. It was our ward's "Father and Son's" campout and Cory said that Gabe was definetly the youngest to spend the night. That's my little trooper :). He had a great time and came back telling me all about camping, fishing (although they didn't go fishing...), the tent, and driving in the ranger (they took the ranger to the camping spot instead of driving - about 45 minutes from here).

While they were out being 'men' I enjoyed a trip down to St. George. Well, as much as you can enjoy 110 degree weather! WOWZA! It was toasty down there. I went down and had a (fabulous) pregnancy massage, did some shopping for the baby (I think we're pretty much ready now), had dinner and relaxed. It was nice and quiet, but I still missed kissing Gabe (and Cory too I guess) goodnight. Then when I came home I enjoyed reading in a bubble bath - yeah, quite indulgent...

But all that relaxation came crashing to an end when Cory and Gabe came home yesterday. Gabe had loved his daddy time so much that he absolutely fell apart when Cory tried to leave to go do some work for the morning. I mean he threw the biggest temper tantrum I've seen him throw - and it never ended. Well, when Cory came back home for something and took him with him to work it all ended, and Gabe was a happy little guy again. So they spent the morning together working (THANKS Cory!), and then Gabe didn't want to take a nap. After a short little 'rest' we decided to head out as a family to go see the new Disney movie "Ratatouille". It was a cute flick, and yet at times all the rats around the food made me squirm and gag a bit...I had to come home and not think about it when I reached into my cupboards to get something to eat. But it was cute, and I think we all enjoyed some time in an air-conditioned theater :)

I guess that's about it. I'm bummed that I didn't remember to send Cory with a camera for pictures of their fun camping experience - but I guess there will be more Father and Sons campouts in the future to do layouts about.

On the pregnancy front - I'm still pregnant...I've been struggling with being down in the dumps and having no energy the last few weeks. It just seems that the bigger I get, the hotter it gets, the more uncomfortable it gets (the list goes on and on) - the more grumpy I get. And then when I do lay down to go to sleep (and I'm exhausted all day - just waiting for the time to fall into bed) - I suddenly wake up and I'm up for HOURS. How does that work.....And then when I do fall asleep my hands have been having such carpal tunnel issues, and my hips are so darn sore/uncomfortable that I'm up most the night anyway.

I hope that for Cory and Gabe's sake I can snap out of it soon so I am not such a witch to be around. They are patient with me, and I love them for it (especially Cory - he's really the best!) But I have about a month left, so hopefully I can stick it out and we'll all be thrilled when the little guy arrives.

(sorry about all the complaining - I do know that I am so blessed to be a mom, and to be pregnant. Sometimes it's just hard to remember what comes at the end...)

Have a fantastic week everyone!

(And yeah - I'm still a little freaked out about the little floating baby on our page who will NOT stay in his little bubble...a little odd huh? There are really days when it is appropriate - as I feel like he's trying to claw his way out)


Carpers said...

We were noticing the little baby widget not staying in his bubble, it was completely out of there the other day when we were on your page, usually its just a foot or part of the head, but he was completely out the other day. kind of odd....

Sorry to hear that its been so hot - that can't be fun. Sounds like Gabe and Cory had a lot of fun though. :)

Have a great week! Love you, Alicia CLARK hehe, :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna, The bounce away fella in/out of the bubble is just cuz there's a line or two of code that got corrupted in your widget. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the review of Rattaoui, I was wondering about that rat/food thing.

Sad to hear you are having such a hard time, but glad that you have your loving family--and it is only a month. . .

Much love, Sandra

Liz said...

Ug. I'm so sorry you're so miserable! Especially the carpel tunnel garbage- that is seriously the worst!! I hope this week goes smoothly for you!

Chase and Kori said...

Sorry that you're feeling so yucky - especially with the heat. I wish I had some encouraging words or advice to give, but since I've never been there, I don't feel like I can. Good for you for getting out and pampering yourself! That always makes me feel better!

It was fun talking to you and Gabe - and being able to see you guys! For what its worth, I think you are looking great! Good luck with the last few weeks of your pregnancy. We love you guys...