Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July highlights

We started the festitivies by attending the big city parade. It was HOT even at 9:30 in the morning! Gabe was funny when we told him the night before we would be going to a parade. He kept saying, "Ashley!" For the longest time I couldn't figure out what Cory's sister Ashley had to do with us going to a 4th of July parade. But then I remembered that when Gabe was staying with them in may that Ashley's family went to a local parade and took Gabe. He was pretty sure we would see Ashley and his cousins at the parade and was kind of disappointed.

One of the highlights at our parades is the candy. Gabe figured that out quite quickly and loved sucking on suckers and getting Tootsie Rolls stuck in his teeth. Poor little guy's cheeks got so red from being so hot. He didn't get sunburned, but did get hot and sweaty (one of those things I've managed to pass on to my little boy....sorry bud)

Yeah, I mentioned that Gabe caught on to the candy bit. At the beginning of the parade, and about 1/2 way through he just sat and watched the other kids around him getting handfuls of candy. I told Cory to go help him get a sucker or something. After Dad went out and got a few little treats for Gabe, Gabe thought that it was ok for him to run out into the parade to collect some loot too.

After the parade we came home and went up to our local park (around the block) and attended our little town festivities. They hold a car show, booths, food, etc. The car show has gotten bigger over the last 3 years, and it's fun to see new entries every year. I asked Gabe which one was his favorite and he loved the "ORANGE" car - so we snapped his picture.

He also managed to scream a lot of the time (hot and tired) to tell us he wanted to go in the jump house. I figured there were too many 'big' kids in it, and he'd get trampled. But there was a break in the kids and we decided to let him try it (if anything, just to get him to stop throwing a fit - we're pushovers). But as soon as he got in he wanted out, and didn't want anyone to jump. Go figure...
Cory and Gabe were dressed like twins - down to their matching t-shirts and Boston Red Sox hats. I had dressed Gabe, and then Cory picked clothes to match - pretty cute. I didn't want us to look too dorky, so I wore a shirt that I think resembled a large 4th of July table cloth....fitting I guess for a big pregnant woman....

Between the parade and the car show stuff we enjoyed a bit of time in our little blow up pool in the back yard. It was CHILLY! The kind of cold water that takes your breath away when you get in, but which feels great after a while. We had a fun time cooling off, and even got back in after naps in the afternoon. Luckily the water had warmed up a bit then, but it felt great!

And yes - this is a once in a lifetime chance - you get to see me PREGNANT, and in a SWIMMING SUIT! WOW! Not something I show to just anyone (and you notice I'm mostly hidden - there's no way I'm showing you a whole shot of this pregnant woman in a suit!)

After our evening swim we ran to Wendy's for dinner (pathetic excuse for a 4th of July BBQ huh?) and then came home to watch the fireworks. The city does a fireworks show aboug 1/4 of a mile from our house. We were going to watch on the lawn, but decided to drive the ranger around the block for a totally unobstructed view. It was a short show, but lots of fun - and I think really well done. Gabe enjoyed them and it was fun to spend all of this time together as a little family of 3.

It's during holidays like 4th of July that I get really sad that we don't have family living close by. It's such a family holiday, and I get sad that we aren't with those we love. (Although if we were to have family around we might have had to actually COOK for a BBQ instead of Wendy's...don't know if I could give that part up...) So everyone we didn't get to see (all of you) - know that we think of you during the holidays and wish that the miles didn't stand between us! We love you!

(Last little note - I have found something that is actually even MORE uncomfortable than being pregnant in 100 degree + weather. Being 9 months pregnant in 100+ weather with a sunburn - OUCH! I got Gabe slathered in sunscreen, but forgot my white body... Cory and I are both pretty red now.)


april said...

You guys are adorable! And you're going to have to stop ragging on yourself! You look beautiful!

Carpers said...

Sounds like a busy, hot day! Gabe and Cory look cute in their matching outfits. :) Sorry about the sunburn - that's no fun anytime, I bet its even worse now. Anyway, glad to hear you had a fun fourth of july! Love Alicia

\ said...

Sounds like you had a busy day-

We forgot to take pictures for our fourth of July activities... I would never make a good scrapbooker.

We love you guys- Jed

Chase and Kori said...

The swimming pool pictures are soo cute! And seriously Joanna, I think you look great. Looks like you had a great 4th of July despite the heat. My cheeks get red just like Gabe's when it's hot. My little red car has a black interior and NO air conditioning. Just going to the grocery store in that little car makes me feel like I'm melting! We miss you guys too, not only on Holidays but all the time! ;) Thanks for the cute photos!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm really bad at pix too. Everytime I came out onto the deck and saw the party down in our yard, I thought, "Oh! I should go get the camera as soon as I finish x" But I never did. You all look great. ANd I so appreciate the effort it takes to share with us--I feel so close to you all.
Love, Sandra

Holly Child said...

Sounds like you guys had quite a fun little day!!

Kim & Tammy said...

Looks like Gabe had a good time. We are going to Logan's car show tonight. I told Kim that I saw a VW bug (convertible too) in town. Bright blue with black top and real nice. It's for SALE! He said, right! Well it's fun to look and dream anyway.