Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend with fam

I loved these pictures of Gabe from this weekend that my sister-in-law Ashley posted on her blog tonight. She posted a whole bunch - so check out her blog: I appreciate so much when family has Gabe with them and they document the things they did. It's hard to have him away from us (we miss him!) - but we feel so reassured by the sweet memories he is creating with others who love him. Gabe has had fun eating berries from Grandma (YUM!), playing the piano, Raging Waters, Linzy's birthday cake - he's just had a blast all around. What a fun experience for him!

On another note I was talking to a good friend of mine this afternoon who has a little boy who is about 3 months younger than Gabe. She was complimenting Gabe on his large vocabulary and language skills. She said, "When I see my son next to Gabe it makes me think my son is dumb". It sounded kind of mean - but I knew what she meant. Gabe really does talk a lot more than most of the kids his age - at church anyway. But she just made me feel good about Gabe's vocabulary - even if his sentence structures don't always make sense :) She also suggested that with his linguistic skills that I encourage him with foreign language and music (she's studied education and said that children with early language skills frequently excel in these areas.) So when I saw this picture of Gabe playing Uncle Spencer's piano I was pretty happy!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome family all of your are. What a great sisterinlaw and grandparents for Gabe. What a guy he is turning into. Love Grandma Marilyn. Your first sentence was Gradma-airplane-Denver, you knew i flew here to salt lake to visit. You were about 18 months or so.

Carpers said...

Music is a great way to start a child's language and math skills. When Blake was young they didn't have gifted programs so we taught him music and I really think it helped his brain to develop.

I knew a guy in high school who spoke English and French equally well. they spoke english upstairs and french downstairs. I tried to do that when Blake was a tiny baby, but I lived in a two room flat, and I had only had a year of high school german, so it didn't work that well. (the guy in high school - his mom was actually from France, so she knew more than 10 words). hehehe

but the idea is the same. if you teach them a foreign language before they turn 6, even if they never remember it, their brains get "stretched" and it helps them be smarter. Love, Aunt Charlotte

Chase and Kori said...

Gabe was so much fun this weekend! One of my favorite moments was when we were swimming/floating in the lazy river and Gabe said "mom shark! Aargh!" I asked if you are a shark and he said "yep! aargh!" His vocabulary really is amazing. He is a sweet, fun little guy. We missed you and Cory!