Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Girl Crazed

Oh dear! Gabe is really social lately - REALLY social! Not only does he chatter non-stop - to anyone who will listen (but most likely not understand the stories he's telling them) - but he has a thing for girls.

Yesterday I was talking with one of my Young Women from church, and asking her to babysit for us next week. I also said something about her little sister - who is just a bit older than Gabe - named Abby. After this Young Woman got out of the car I said to Gabe, "Maybe when she comes to babysit you next week Abby can come with her to play. Would you like that?" For the next hour all he could talk about was ABBY! He wanted to race cars with her, read books, and go to the library. Finally we distracted him with something else - but he was sure interested for a good hour or so.

Then today I was showing him pictures of different family members blogs, and we ended up on my friend Jana's blog. She has a little girl about 5 months younger than Gabe named Gabbi (Gabriella actually). I showed Gabe some new pictures of Gabbi - and oh goodness! Not only did he fall in love - but he told me that Gabbi was pretty and he wanted to dance with her. After sharing this idea with me about 100 times he grabbed the cordless phone and tried to call her. Then after I wouldn't let him use that phone he got ahold of my cell phone to use that - Kept saying, "Gabbi? Dance?"

So I guess my young boy craziness has been passed on to my son - he has crushes already. (I haven't even told you about his friends Livvy and Trina who he's smitten with....) And with how adoreable he is, I think we're going to have some tough teenage years if this keeps up...

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Chris and Jana said...

That is so cute! We're going to have to get them together to play/dance. If he's half as girl crazy as we were boy crazy you are in trouble. :)