Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And so the 25th comes and goes....

Some of you might remember a while back when I mentioned that I wanted baby Hunter's due date to be 07-25-07. There were a couple of reasons for that.

#1 - it's 8 days before our due date, Gabe was born 8 days early - so I thought it was appropriate.
#2 - I like numbers with 5's in them. Kind of strange, but like when I buy cardstock at a scrapbook store I always buy in increments of 5 (5, 10, 15, etc). Anyway, I like the number 25.

#3 - 2+5=7. So then it's kind of like 7/7/7. And then tonight I realized that if you add up all the nubmers 7+2+5+7 it equals 21 - another number I like.

Anyway - kind of quirky - but like my mom mentioned the other days - I like to see patterns in things.

BUT - it is 10:24 pm on the 25th and this baby isn't here, and isn't showing up in the next hour and 36 minutes. So we'll have to find some other kind of pattern with his birthday when he does make his grand entrance.

I did have a dr appointment today, and I'm not dilated, not progressing - and the dr filling in for my doctor (who is out of town until Monday) said I shouldn't worry about having the baby before my doctor is around again. I guess that's good - I really like my doctor. But it makes me anxious and sad at the same time. I would love to welcome this little guy to the world soon...but I'm nervous about having #2 - so I guess that in the long run though, a few more days of swollen...everything....won't kill me.

And here are a couple of pictures from lighting some sparklers tonight. As many of you know - July 24th (yesterday) was our Pioneer Day celebration in Utah. Our town does a huge parade (which we were in) as well as games and dinner at the park put on by our stake. It's fun to see the city and stake come together to celebrate our pioneer ancestors who made it possible to live in this wonderful state.

Anyway - we did some sparklers last night - but Gabe managed to burn himself (a tiny burn) on his finger. So he wanted to finish them tonight. That is unti lwe actually lit them - and then he freaked out a bit and wanted mommy and daddy to do them. He's a funny kid and he definetly enjoyed watching Cory and I entertain him by dancing around the yard with our sparklers.

I wish that the pictures of him dancing around would have turned out clearer - but he was groovin, and it was getting dark - so there's only so much this amature photographer mom could do...

And the last picture is Cory's signature pose every time I work on getting Gabe to pose take pictures for me. Cory ALWAYS asks Gabe how big he is - and this is how Gabe responds....we will have hundreds of pictures of Gabe showing us that he's "SOOOOO big" (as well as Gabe showing us his "guns" (muscles))

(Thanks Grandma Tammy for sending Gabe those fun sparklers!)


Rachel Berry said...

Yes I am a lurker to your blog. I used to follow you on 2peas (i still have you in my favorites) but now I only see you on the Pregnant Peas message board as that is where I am as well. Have you noticed that no one answers your ?'s on that board?

Hopefully your little Hunter man makes his apperance soon! I know that last couple weeks can seem like an eternity. And 2 little ones isn't so bad... The hard transition for me was 3 I was offically out numbered. With 2 you at least still have 2 hands. But really after 3 it's all down hill. We are having our surprise #5. So ya know.
Well cute picutes of your little man he is getting so big! I think he is so freaking cute and I have to say I LOVE HIS HAIR! It's the best. Well hang in there! See you on two peas.

Rachel Berry

Chase and Kori said...

The second to last pic of Gabe just cracks me up! What a cute boy - and oh is he growing up fast! Where are the pictures of you and Cory dancing around? ;)

You are a great mom and although it will probably take a little while, I am confident you will ease into mothering two and will become an even better mom!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna, I am a pattern maker too, so I can dig it. It's a neuro thing, I think.

Anyway, as always Gabe is SO cute.
It just lightens my day.

Hang in there these last few days, miserable I know, but each day the baby stays, it's another day he's getting healthier and stronger. . . No fun for you, of course.

I'm sure you will all have some adjusting to do, and 2 is definitely a lot more work than one, but I feel secure that you will make a great mom to two as wel as one, and that Hunter will ahve the advantage of having a loving Gabe as his big brother. Love you much, Sandra

Carpers said...

I agree, the second to last picture of Gabe is GREAT! He's such a funny little guy. Glad to see you get some fun celebrating in. :) Hope you're holding in there, and not too miserable in the heat. Love you. :) Alicia

\ said...

I love these pictures of Gabe- He's sure a fun little boy. I can't wait for the arrival of Hunter. We are very happy for your little family. It is an exciting time in our family when two new babies can come in to the world in one year. I miss you all very much.

-Love Jed

Chris and Jana said...

Gabe is adorable. I know it's so hard those last few weeks and days of being pregnant. Hang in there, it will of course be worth it no question. Love ya!