Monday, July 30, 2007

Not today

Nothing happening today in the baby department. However, I did look online and TONIGHT is actually the full moon.... I also heard that fresh pineapple can induce labor. I ate almost a whole pineapple today. It might not work, but it was a tasty treat :)


Rachel Berry said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, I guess we will find out if your pineapple trick works or not I had never heard of that one before. Your comments on the 2peas pregnant peas board always crack me up. Anyway your Dr. is in town so hopefully you can have a Happy Delivery this week! Take care.

:) Rachel Berry

Paul Rhien said...

do you want us to send you those herbs? (black cohosh?) look it up and we'll send them right away if you want them. - Paul

Chase and Kori said...

Have you tried castor oil? A girl in my ward swears by it! Mix it in oj and drink up.

I had a hard day yesterday and it made me smile when I saw the letter you and Gabe sent waiting in the mailbox. Thanks for thinking of us.

Good luck and we hope things will start happening soon!

\ said...

Sending baby vibes your way
(if only it were that simple, huh.)

The Thomas Trio said...

I got a massage the morning I went into labor with eli! I think you should give it a shot! Even if you don't go into labor, it feels great! It's really a win/win!